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  • Hey, I merged your thread with the front page news article since it made little sense having two thread. It will show you as the author from clicking the comments link on the front page so don't worry or get confused. Cheers.
    Edit: Accidentally refreshed the window from when I left the comment and it made it double post, feel free to delete this post.:LOL:
    Yeah, I know, hence why I must resist it and instead just 3.14-rate it when I get my new 'putar.:p
    Been pondering buying that on my 360, as well as Crysis 2, but I know I shouldn't.

    Must.. resist.. advertisements on TV..
    Haha, I used to be a bit of an achievement whore, luckily I sorta grew out of it.

    I blame it on hanging in an IRC channel where there's some really epic achievement whores, one of them is nearing a gamerscore of 100.000, and he also has tons of Steam achievements and such which of course don't count on XBL/WL!

    But these days, I've learnt that that's just playing into some devs lazy hands, achievements are often just a mediocre attempt to lengthen the lifespan of a game, in my opinion anyway.

    And yeah, too many FPS; I pondered buying Homefront or Crysis 2 but I just feel so sick of them, only upcoming FPSes I am really hyped for is DX3 and Brink as we discussed earlier.
    I got all the achievements for BC2, CoD4 and MW2 on the 360...:( So I guess I actually like some modern shooters, I am getting bored of'em now though, the market is just so supersaturated with'em.
    Yeah, I honestly do think a new game-industry collapse like in the '80s wouldn't be such a bad thing.:p
    Yeah, I keep hoping I am wrong in being an agnostic atheist and that there is an afterlife so that I have a feasible chance of playing all the games in my backlog.

    Either that or the world suffering a catastrophic breakdown of globalization and the IT industries etc, i.e. no more game making.:p

    I am fairly young to PC gaming myself, my family didn't get a PC until 2003 and I didn't buy my own PC until 2006.

    And trust me, I am great about making plans to play these old games in my backlog but have a very hard time actually getting around to it because I keep getting seduced by all these new titles that come out.:(
    Shame on you! BF1942 was one of the first PC games I bought, then BF2 :p

    Also, honestly after having played Uncharted 1 I was pretty unimpressed given the hype but I've been told Uncharted 2 is a lot better.

    And I do want to play it but right now I am trying to get myself to prioritize PC titles before I get my new PC, mainly System Shock 1 and 2, Blade Runner, KoTOR 1 and 2 on PC(played 2 on XB1 before) and some other old PC titles that might have compatibility issues with Win7!
    I fear ME3 will be a rushed turd like DA2 apparently has turned out to be.

    Not sure about Arkham City, I did enjoy B:AA but I will have to see how much is new first. Portal 2 deff. though, Uncharted 3 too probably but I still haven't gotten around to playing Uncharted 2, I finally beat 1 in January though.:p

    And yes, BF3 looks ****ing awesome and is another reason I'm getting a new PC, no way I will tolerate playing BF3 on console with just 24p, I want 64p!
    As I wrote in the topic, I will definitely get Deus Ex 3, if only because it's Deus Ex and I have really gotten into cyberpunk recently, have a bunch of novels I want to read that are cyberpunk, I am terrible at reading though so it will probably take me a few years to get through them if I don't get better at motivating myself to sit down and read instead of playing games.:p

    I have a hard time picking favourites but I'd have to say the top three are LA Noire, The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex 3.

    The last two are the main reason I've decided to finally replace my ageing P.O.S. PC.
    On another note, what game scheduled to come out this year are you the most hyped up about?
    Yeah i've been doing the same :LOL:
    Even got some old PS2 games I'm debating to get rid of =/

    Going to trade away some games tomorrow actually, specifically going to ditch Dead Space 2 and Black Ops -_-

    Yeah never again! I've learned my lesson from last year's xmas sale no more mental spending! XD
    Yeah slowly getting better for me as well, partly also because I have begun selling/giving away/trading in titles I've bought impulsively and realized that I don't want to waste time on playing, probably cut my console backlog by like 30% when it comes to legal retail titles.

    But, Steam sales are the worst of all, thankfully they at least don't consume physical space which is something I am desperately short on!
    Well, I could be wrong and I guess it could have been stopped due to low profitability.

    I can actually survive without sales, I am unemlpoyed but on welfare due to disability and still living with my parent so I manage to save a lot of cash each month.

    During my more depressive periods I can go on "shopaholic"-like streaks just buying tons of titles be it retail or digital for my consoles and PC that I never end up playing, but I've become better at not doing it now.

    It's ironic, when I was really young I had to trade in games to get new ones almost all the time, now I have to keep my impulsiveness in check to AVOID buying games using my actual money. We humans are such silly creatures.:LOL:
    I dunno why, I think maybe companies managed to outlaw it or something by lobbying the government or EU or something.

    We used to have rentable games up until the early 2000s.
    We don't have rentals over here in Sweden as far as I know. Of video-games anyway, not anymore.:(
    Yeah, after I played Dead Space 1 I felt a genuine excitement towards the prospect of a sequel, but after Dead Space 2 I doubt I'll even buy Dead Space 3.
    I don't visit the rating topic :p

    But yeah, I heard Killzone 3 had an even worse story than Killzone 2.

    Also, Dead Space is absolutely filled with plotholes, especially with regards to the Marker and shit.

    Personally these days I am trying to play less games and make sure the games I do play are really good, mainly because I am hopefully gonna start school again after summer which means I won't have as much playtime as I now do and hence I want to be spend the time I do get on quality titles.

    I loved the Killzone 3 MP beta/demo though, but given that I played it for a total of 20 hours, I didn't really feel like getting Killzone 3 when it came out, haha.:p
    Yeah, but I just didn't mean the story split, Splinter Cell 1, 2 and 3 were generally somewhat plausible military-focused scenarios if you get what I mean.

    Whereas Splinter Cell 5(Conviction) went all ****ing Jason Bourne with epic conspiracy on you, it was just so dumb.

    But yeah, I also feel the way you feel about DA about Dead Space, the story is just becoming bad and convoluted with all the comics and films etc, it's like they just keep hiring different writers and they are all like "Oh let's throw in as many generic and dumb plot-surprises as possible to make the story seem deep and interesting when it's in reality just dumb and merely complicated for the sake of trying to appear complicated!"
    I actually really liked AitD, it was a rough gem in my opinion.

    Anyway, it's a good thing that it's not really worth to care all that much about the story in Splinter Cell titles these days, I thought Conviction's story was ridiculously bad.
    Haha oh man, I am currently replaying AitD on the 360, after that maybe try to get a few PC games done before I buy my new one since there are a few that have compatability issues with Win7.

    I actually bought SCDA for XB1 two years ago or so, but didn't beat it, I often think about hooking up my XB1 to my TV again and finally beating SCPT and then replay SCCT on PC and finally SCDA on XB1.

    I also never beat SCDA on the 360, got to the last level but just stopped playing for some reason, can't remember why.

    I forget which version was considered the most canon for future games, but I'd assume it was the XB1 version since it was done by Montreal.:)
    Yeah I'm not much of a MP person myself, mainly because I prefer having games that have a clearly defined "beginning" and "end", if you get what I mean.

    So what are you playing currently then?:)
    I am definitely getting it, love the setting and theme, love the character and weapon customization!

    Not sure if I'll get it on the 360, PC or both.

    Have friends getting it for either so, and am planning on buying a new PC soon for The Witcher 2 that will definitely be able to run Brink as well.
    I know lots of anime(s), some you may or may not be interested in.
    Accept my friends request, if you will.
    A-ha, urgh, what was one of their most famous songs, it is bugging me so, and I thought you might know! I'm so frustrated right now...


    It's Take On Me, isn't it?
    Yeah the campaign is quite hard sometimes, but you can ask me for hints or anything like that.
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