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  • You're welcome! ;) It's very hard to get answers from Valve or Gearbox, and unfortunately I think I exhausted the chance to ever get more exclusive info. I just wrote to them too much...
    Well, there goes an hour of my life!

    Thanks, that page is awesome. There were a few older books I was a bit iffy about getting, since they're not very well documented. My bank account will scream.
    Zombie has taken a very long break from the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, it is the most difficult project I have had to work on. I'll start again as soon as I graduate, which is in less than two weeks.
    To all subjects in my friends list: Thank you, I was really surprised by number of friendship requests. Now I'm really proud to be here on halflife2.net, definitely best community ever.

    User "Gabe Newell" is advised to accept my virtual friendship request ASAP or he will be... missed.
    This is the first theme, i thought about (mATrix style, then i thought).... it ****s up your eyes after few seconds.
    Cool profile, really well balanced, I wish I could make such pretty things :'(
    You euthanized your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations.
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