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    A proposition: ValveTime Half-Life 1 co-op event

    Yes, let's do this. Any way to guarantee some slots in the server, just in case it becomes a full house?
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    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    Got my BS in CS and am working at Amazon as a software engineer. Those are probably the biggest milestones. A bit debby downer but had some close friends and family pass on since 2007. Not married and don't have kids yet, so saving a lot of $$$ and having some fun on my own.
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    Contact form is not working

    Ah, yeah. See? We did get it. So it's probably just the UX that needs fixing. @Chris D @StarMonkey
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    Contact form is not working

    Bump. Is this still the case? I remember seeing this error, and it was actually posting the form data to the server, it's just that the UI for the user said it didn't.
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    Hey guys, I'm starting to advertise the Discord server. Would be amazing if more old-timers joined us.
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    You read my mind. I'm setting up an official Discord: /EDIT: New invite link (other one has been deleted):
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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    "You will not save him. Alyx Vance alone cannot prevent his fate." "Alyx Vance alone..." o_O
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    RIP Valve, Epic here we go!

    I think it's the publishers and not the developers that are making these decisions. I think the developers know the community well enough to know why exclusives and exclusives with Epic are a bad idea. However Epic is offering some big $$$ to the publishers and all publishers care about is $$$...
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    Valve at GDC 2019

    The Game Developers Conference 2019 is practically around the corner, with doors opening March 18th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Below are the currently known sessions that Valve will be participating in. Brain-Computer Interfaces: One Possible Future for How We Play with...
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    ARG or Easter Egg found inside Danger Zone update

    Some threads / channels to follow:
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    ARG or Easter Egg found inside Danger Zone update

    [Update 2018/12/09 4:50 PM (-8 GMT)] This is confirmed by Valve to be an Easter egg: [Original Story] The new CS:GO game mode update, Danger Zone, may have an ARG lurking inside... Or it could just be an Easter Egg. The Message in the 3rd Room In the map Blacksite, there are 3...
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    Who's left or joined Valve in recent history

    They could get together, announce their plans, and get all the venture & crowd funding they can dream of.
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    Screenshots of unpublished Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, Balkan

    It looks like a nice map - from an artistic standpoint. Could always use more snow in CS.
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    Would You Vote For PORTAL 2 as GOTD

    It was fun and unique, but I don't know if it raised the bar any more than Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us. A GOTD, to me, raises the bar. I think at this point in the industry's history, everything is iterated upon at such a micro level, I dunno if any game can raise the bar any more in...