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    Half-Life is now uncensored in Germany

    It is truly a glorious day!
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    What is this place...

    "This place is deeeeaaaaad..."
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    How would you want HL3 to begin?

    But did the GMan regain control of Gordon? If I remember correctly it was just while the Vorts were busy healing Alyx. I think Episode 3 should begin right where Episode 2 ended, so it can start on an extreme downer and end on a really high note.
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    Half-Life 3 is Coming... Not Sure When!

    I think Valve would still benefit from Half-Life 3. The new Doom had extreme success, and a new Half-Life would probably be even more successful (if they do it right, which I don't think would be that difficult). Also it wouldn't hurt their reputation amongst gamers any.
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    I had a tour at the Valve HQ recently, this is what I found out.

    "I'm just gonna go take a leak..." I'm a bit disappointed that there are not a lot of news besides Source 2 Portal puzzles. I still don't know how to interpret the "can't talk about it at this stage" of Half-Life 3- it does suggest that there is a stage of development, right? I want to believe...
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    What made you happy today?

    Working with a lot of really cute girls made me happy today!
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    Half Life 3 (FM)

    Well my mapping skills are probably rather average, but if you are really doing this I'd love to help. I have a few concerns that make me sceptical though. Can you really assemble a skilled, trustworthy team? How high is the budget? Won't there be problems with copyright? etc.
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    Meet the UshankaCat

    Hi everyone! My name is pete, but most people probably know me as UshankaCat. I'm a big fan of the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead series, but I also occasionally play Counter-Strike and Portal, so I thought this community might be a perfect place for me. Other things I like: Action and Spy movies...
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    New book on the design of Half-Life 1

    That's actually pretty interesting! I've only had a quick look at the first two pages just now, but I'll definitely read the rest later. Looks like there's a lot I can learn from this for my mods.
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    Half-Life: Source edit .gcf files

    I think the main problem is that you're deleting the .gcf files and putting your files into the wrong place. What you should do is go to the folder SteamApps/common/Half-Life 2/hl1 and there create a new folder named "custom". In that folder you make another one, which you can give any name. In...