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  1. TechnoHippyChic

    Star Citizen

    I saw a recent video of Star Citizen and good god does it look gorgeous. I went to the pledge page but I'm more confused than ever. If I spend $45 I get EITHER SP or MP? I have to spend at least $65 to get both? And if I spend $275 I get a big ass ship with a fishtank, but no SP? And what the...
  2. TechnoHippyChic

    The Many Diversions of THC's Work Lunches

    I've worked from home for years, but there was a time, at the dawn of a new millennium, when I pushed polygons and ran a network in a nondescript engineering building, 8-5, every weekday. The people were pleasant, but the work could be monotonous. Luckily, our lunches were ours to do with as we...
  3. TechnoHippyChic

    Forum Artifact Preservation Project

    The text posts of the forum seem pretty complete going back to the inception of the site, but much of the pictures, artwork, design and other media are lost to defunct hosts or the ravages of time. I'm a bit of a data hoarder, and have a lot of this stuff saved from the early years, so will...
  4. TechnoHippyChic

    Steam Is Now Asking Users To Update Their Reviews After Playing More

    If you put substantial additional time into a game you’ve reviewed, Steam will now ask you to “revise your review".
  5. TechnoHippyChic

    Email Blast

    I think this is a great idea, can we make this happen?
  6. TechnoHippyChic

    EA games returning to Steam

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be the first new EA game released on Steam since 2011 See The Verge for more.
  7. TechnoHippyChic

    If you post it, they will come...

    Make threads so it won't be deadz :dead: Posting replies would be pretty fly :chicken: "They'll come to ValveTime for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your forum, not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your site as innocent as children, longing for the...
  8. TechnoHippyChic

    Electric Fireball

    If ya'll haven't seen this, check it out: and then there's this: and this:
  9. TechnoHippyChic

    Banner Ad Modifications

    Ok, I don't know how much potential this has, but the idea is to modify those banner ads you see around here (you aren't blocking them, right?) subtly (or not so subtly) to make something mildly humorous or fabulous or whatever. Here's a couple of dumb ones I've done so far:
  10. TechnoHippyChic

    ‘merica burger

    **** yeah... You want fried bacon with that?
  11. TechnoHippyChic

    Stern levels critical!

  12. TechnoHippyChic

    Beavis and Butt-Head

    Uh, huhuhuh... new episodes begin tonight. I'm flashing back to the 90's. These better not suck, or I'll kick their asses...
  13. TechnoHippyChic

    I wish someone would make a...

    What product and/or service would you like to see that does not yet exist? Fill in the blank, for example: I wish someone would make a newspaper to toilet paper recycling machine. Try to keep it serious, cuz invention is
  14. TechnoHippyChic

    Happy birthday BHC!

    From humble beginings: to the fully-grown crab he has become, let's hear it for BHC!
  15. TechnoHippyChic

    Posts not increasing post count

    My posts don't seem to always register, why is this? For example, I just made a post in Videos, Images, Flash Dump and my postcount was unchanged. Do certain forums not count or what?
  16. TechnoHippyChic

    Australia's Conroy reveals plans to censor the Internet

    Chilling: Mandatory ISP-level filtering comes to Australia. Content on the inappropriate for children test list included: Gambling Lingerie/Swimsuit Nudism Profanity Sex Adult Drug-advocacy Gross-content Racism/Hate Terrorism/Crime Someone think of the childrens!!
  17. TechnoHippyChic

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Let the feasting commence! (you're welcome)
  18. TechnoHippyChic

    3D Mandelbrot fractal renders

    Beautiful... Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal
  19. TechnoHippyChic

    The Symphony of Science

    A couple of trippy music videos featuring your favorite physicists: The Symphony of Science Very cool. I especially like the second one, "A Glorious Dawn".
  20. TechnoHippyChic

    This bear was no cop, he was a stoner

    Black bear busts secret Utah pot farm Bear had the munchies.