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    Russell's Fridge

    Apropos of nothing, or something.
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    Erik's Back

    What's up, corpses. Interesting news.
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    Fascinating look at the ongoing psychological evolution of flat hieirarchies.

    The company remains nameless, but it's pretty apparent who he was talking about. A twitter thread from Rich Geldreich, formerly of Valve Corporation. --- Some tech companies engage in very focused Developer Marketing efforts to attract candidates, and you need to see through that. The more...
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    Watch me film a movie about me finding adware programmers and slowly peeling back their eyelids and

    pissing into their brains. Seriously wtf
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    So Facebook bought OculusVR.

    Hmm. Wonder how that affects their relationship with Valve.
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    Valve has their own VR Hardware

    Holy balls.
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    Exalted Opinions, Games of 2013

    Sup hookers. What were your best and worst of 2013? My personal favorite had to be The Stanley Parable, mainly because of the introspection it inspired in me as to how and why I play videogames. Worst was probably playing through Half Life 2 again, up to the canals, and getting bored and...
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    Diretide and the Silence

    QQ. Come back to me when you've crouched in silence for six years, ears straining for every word. Any word at all.
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    Awesome New HL3 Footage :3

    Meanwhile at Valve: Edit: Obviously a joke.
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    New Valve Blog

    The Pipeline? No idea. Edit: Ah, high school interns. Well then.
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    So Dota 2 is leaving Beta today Pertinent tweet retweeted by Marc Laidlaw. Good stuff.
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    Homeworld IP sold to anonymous buyer.

    Now this shit is intriguing.
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    GDC 2013 Michael Abrash Slides

    In PDF form, from his blog:
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    LucasArts Shut Down About god damn time, the studio hasn't been good since Dark Forces 3: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.
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    Implementation of Machine Learning into Artificial Intelligence?

    Hey everybody, I took a turn for the weird today and was reading through DARPA Press releases and stumbled on one that was talking about probabilistic Programming languages and building tools to take advantage of them, , and it got me...
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    Definitely worth your time to check out this little gem. Very much reminds me of portal without the portals and with mind-bending dimensional wormholes instead. Also cubes. So many cubes. Link to the Steam page below. Also I did a let's play, but if you're gonna watch that, just skip around...
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    Earth Defense Force 2025

    Well, time to suffer again.
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    Globe Genie Game Turn off "Current Location". Randomly teleport somewhere on the planet. Try to find an airport to win. I'm stuck somewhere in the middle of what I think might be the Czech Republic. No signs of an airport for the past hour, but I did find the zoo.
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    New Space Sim from Wing Commander creator? , apparently. He wants cash. I want new space sims. Who knows. More info:
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    Ancient Domains of Mystery

    Around a decade and a half ago, gaming was so far removed from what it is now. We've come a long way. Now we're almost to the point of completely realistic environments and our mechanics are so varied that anybody can play almost any style of game that they want, from the simplest mindless...