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  1. MattyDienhoff

    Satchel charge bug

    I'm playing through Half-Life and expansions right now, and although I didn't have any problems in Half-Life itself, in both Opposing Force and Blue Shift I've encountered a bug with the satchel charges. I equip a charge, and it does not appear, only the detonator does (even though I haven't...
  2. MattyDienhoff

    The scariest enemy

    Usually I steer clear of making random polls, but I'm really curious to know what enemies we all fear the most. On the surface it might seem obvious, but while playing Half-Life just now (in a dark room, at night, aaah), it occurred to me that some of the enemies I fear the most aren't really...
  3. MattyDienhoff

    Editing weapon attributes

    I need help to figure out how to modify weapon attributes like accuracy, range and rate of fire in Half-Life 2 and the episodes. I've checked the scripts, but they only seem to allow me to modify things like model, sounds, HUD name and icons, magazine capacity and ammo type. Weapon damage and...
  4. MattyDienhoff

    GamePro - The 28 Best FPS Games

    I saw this article on Digg, thought it might be interesting to discuss: At a glance: #1 - Half-Life 2 #2 - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare #3 - Bioshock Although I applaud a few good judgement calls (Deus Ex...
  5. MattyDienhoff

    I'm back!

    Though I doubt anyone cares all that much. With just over 200 posts it's unlikely anyone remembers me, but still... Hi again,!
  6. MattyDienhoff

    Jack Thompson given "Freedom Award"

    (From I have to question whether the people who run these awards even know what the word 'freedom' means, seeing as they missed the irony of giving a 'freedom award' to a censorship advocate. EDIT: Here's a...
  7. MattyDienhoff

    Uwe Boll Will Quit Making Movies with One Million Signatures

    Saw this on Digg. As the title says, German director Uwe Boll has been quoted as saying he'll retire from filmmaking if enough people want him to. When asked how many is 'enough', he said one million signatures would convince him. Sign the petition here If you've been living under a rock...
  8. MattyDienhoff

    Night of a Million Zombies - Waterfront

    A 14 and a half minute long adventure in the waterfront warehouse district. :sniper: Part I Part II
  9. MattyDienhoff

    Can the EP2 controls 'hints' be turned off?

    Just a quick and fairly insignificant question. Is there a console command to turn off those annoying prompts in Episode Two that are continually telling you what the controls are? They get annoying. :rolleyes: