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  1. hungryduck

    steam mac forum/subforum

    Just curious....since this is on it's way and the beta may be out soon (the sign-ups have begun) will there be a subforum for steam on the mac and related issues or something like that? To keep things organized? Perhaps there is no need....just curious....
  2. hungryduck

    20 - 22 inch widescreen LCD on the cheap - tips?

    I'm looking for a 20-22inch widescreen to use with my macbook - color accuracy isn't that big of an issue - I simply need to be able to see all of a music score when I am working on it in Sibelius (music notation software) so a high resolution is a must. I do some light photo work as well, but I...
  3. hungryduck

    more RIAA follies....

    I know this has discussed here a lot in the past, but now the RIAA is claiming that it is illegal for you to even copy CD's to your computer for your own personal use: From: This is rediculous.....I could talk...
  4. hungryduck

    Day of Defeat's Longevity:

    I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but Day of defeat is the one game/mod that I've been continously playing since I got into gaming....throughout all the updates/release as a retail game/the move the source, DoD has kept me interested. Why? Because the game just has a great "Feel" to...
  5. hungryduck

    Nintendo Wii: In the retirement home.

    The wii is becoming a smash hit in retirement homes - this really says something for nintendo, they truly have found a magic formula that makes anyone of any age enjoy videogames. cool, huh?
  6. hungryduck

    Black Google would save $300k a year. interesting....
  7. hungryduck

    Sony strikes again (I can't believe this).

    Wow, sony is so full of bullshit these days. If you use component cables that are not sony branded to connect your PS3 to your TV, it immediately voids your warranty.
  8. hungryduck

    Sony didn't win an emmy for the Sixaxis. They lied. I can't believe this - sony is content to lie right to the faces of their consumers, when they didn't in fact win an emmy for the sixaxis controller. What a bunch of bull-shit. Read the link. So they won...
  9. hungryduck

    iPhone announced! It does exist!

    Well after all the rumors and hype, the iPhone has been released by apple; and it looks friggen sweet! Its all touch sensor based, features multi touch technology (remember that really sweet multi touch tech that some company showed off a while ago, well this thing HAS IT!), and runs OS X, hot...
  10. hungryduck

    Geometry Wars PC confirmed: Looks like Geometry Wars is going to be available for Vista. Sweet. Link has video too.
  11. hungryduck

    First "external" video card for laptops:

    Here is the first external video card built for laptops. It uses the Express card slots (basically a pci-express connection) and uses a 7900gs for its guts. Pretty cool if you ask me - would be useful if you have an nice small laptop that has a poor video card but you still want to game while at...
  12. hungryduck

    Wallpaper section...

    I know your probably redoing the media section at the moment (as you can access it), but whatever happened to the wallpaper section? I went searching for it a month or so ago and it was there anymore. There were some really good HL2 backrounds in there. Just curious. Kudos to all the work yous...
  13. hungryduck

    Wheres Obama?!?!?!?

    Wow, someone at CNN screwed up: They were doing a story about the whereabouts of OSAMA bin Laden, but instead they seem to have slandered the popular american politican, Barack Obama. Way to go CNN.
  14. hungryduck

    Man memorizes 100,000 digits of pi..... Crazy.....this guy has quite a memory. The method he used to memorize all those numbers is intriguing though: Very cool.
  15. hungryduck

    Status of IRC Channel

    Hey there, I was just wondering, What is the status of the IRC channel on quakenet. I tried to join, but I couldn't get in. Has it been used recently. Should we get it going again? I'm interested......
  16. hungryduck

    Teh Fail Thread.

    No. - Danimal
  17. hungryduck

    Happy Turkey Day!

    Well, to all you american's around here, happy thanksgiving! Stuff yer faces. All you british blokes can go eat pizza hut or something. ;) If you got a roof over your head and fuud to eat then you got at least something to be thankful for.....
  18. hungryduck

    Core 2 Duo (Conroe) and Apple....

    Well, since no one seems to have mentioned it yet: Core 2 Duo processors (Conroe) are now the processor in a new line of iMacs (new 24" iMac too). They also are sporting nvidia video cards now, which are rumored to be upgradeable (since ATI is in bed with AMD now.)
  19. hungryduck

    Reccomend games for laptop.....

    I just got a new laptop that has a Intel Core Duo Processor (2Ghz) and 1gig of PC5300ddr and a decent sized 80gig HDD. Unfortunately, the video card is an intel GMA950 which uses up to 224mb of system memory (not bad I guess.) I was wondering if you guys could reccomend any games that would run...
  20. hungryduck

    Steam Compatible TFC(1) bot?

    Is there a bot compatible with TFC(1) and steam? I can't get HPB-bot to work.....