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  1. JossiRossi

    Zombie Master 2 Beta Claws Up From The Depths

    After approximately 3 years of development Zombie Master 2, the sequel to the 2007 FPS/RTS hybrid, has been released to the public. While still suffering a few growing pains from the original engine to the Orange Box, ZM2 brings back a mod that pits a team of Survivors against the all seeing...
  2. JossiRossi

    Defeating the Combine: There's literally an app for that.

    Half-Life 2's relative simplicity and versatility has encouraged many hardware and interface developers to make it one of the first stops for testing out their work. Milan Toth has recently demonstrated his iPhone application Remotion to raise some hell in City 17. Using it seems simple and...
  3. JossiRossi

    Looking For: Concept Artist

    Project Name: Swarm Project Type: Half-Life 2 Modification Position: Concept Artist Responsibilities: Taking initial descriptions of characters and creatures and illustrating examples and renditions for the purpose of modeling. Requirements for Position: Ability to draw (naturally). Capable of...