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    you used to be a banana. bacons.

    you used to be a banana. bacons.
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    steam mac forum/subforum

    Just curious....since this is on it's way and the beta may be out soon (the sign-ups have begun) will there be a subforum for steam on the mac and related issues or something like that? To keep things organized? Perhaps there is no need....just curious....
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    New Gorillaz video

    cool, this album was just released right? I'll have to check it out....
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    20 - 22 inch widescreen LCD on the cheap - tips?

    I'm looking for a 20-22inch widescreen to use with my macbook - color accuracy isn't that big of an issue - I simply need to be able to see all of a music score when I am working on it in Sibelius (music notation software) so a high resolution is a must. I do some light photo work as well, but I...
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    half-life 2 e3 2003 video

    i remember seeing that video for the first time and my jaw hitting the floor.....good times. hasn't happened since.
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    I Play Again - DoDS

    I've been playing day of defeat since the early betas.....still is fun. too busy to play much anymore....
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    Parents going to Thailand and Bali

    I studied music in Bali for a short time. It's a cool place, go there - it has a very rich culture. The religion is primarily Balinese Hinduism - the Balinese loath terrorist attacks as it hurts business. Which area are you parents visiting? I assume Kuta? (Tourism central) I highly recommend...
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    Novint Falcon - $100!

    wow, that's pretty cool
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    dod_escape, dod_caen

    I wouldn't say to the original's the game I've enjoy the most for the longest amount of time.... I think it's just been given the cold shoulder by both players/devs in the past year or two...
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    dod_escape, dod_caen

    does anyone remember dod_hill?
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    Bill Cosby's gig with Sonny Stitt

    seen this before.....its awesome.
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    neil peart writes good books too. read them.
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    Microsoft's Songsmith

    is this microsoft's response to apple's garageband or something? holy ****.
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    Joining Army/Air Force

    so your implying that just because they're muslim, that they are a danger?
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    How much music do you have?

    just under 50 gigs
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    The Decline of Music

    LOL. the "Real Decline". What bullshit. Everyone needs to take their heads out of their asses.
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    The Decline of Music

    this is a damn silly thread. We can bitch all day about shitty music but because it's making someone somewhere money it's not going to go away. Yes there is shitty music; There's plenty of good music too.
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    Well fiddlesticks, someone stole my RX-7.

    wow, that sucks. Hope you get it back...