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  1. JossiRossi

    Source 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Prototype Screenshots Leaked

    Pretty sure they remade it from scratch. Taking the old map and updating it would actually likely take longer than just doing it new, with all the new tools.
  2. JossiRossi

    Black mesa source is coming to steam as a retail product(will cost money)

    Yeah there is a lot of quality models, art, and voice work done. I really hope that people get paid appropriately. When you have a dev cycle that's nearly a decade long how do you compensate people who worked on the game for the first 4 years but then quit?
  3. JossiRossi

    Black mesa source is coming to steam as a retail product(will cost money)

    This bothers me. It basically seems to say that they will do just about everything they can to make sure custom levels that put Surface Tension back into the game, is in the game as easy as possible, but without actually having it be included by default which would then necessitate paying a guy...
  4. JossiRossi

    Taking Barney through the game.

    You'd run through like 2 dozen Barneys. It's also pretty much just playing the game.
  5. JossiRossi

    The Walking Dead: Season Two (Telltale Games)

    Well the first episode anyway it would seem.
  6. JossiRossi

    Time travel: deleted experiment?

    A you even farther in the future stopped THAT future you from warning you. Of course.
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    Chell's age in relation to the Portal storyline

    It's implied he was put into stasis and that stopped his aging. I suppose he might be like 20 minutes older though.
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    Alien Swarm first person modification

    Glad to hear! How has the progress been?
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    That boy needs therapy.

    That boy needs therapy.
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    Is Breen really a villain?

    Maybe it was us who were the real monsters!!! This is kind of a "no duh" thing. Breen is not just some mustache twirling villain whose only purpose is to screw everyone over. He thinks that what he is doing is going to transition humanity to the next level as part of an inter-dimensional...
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    So I've been working on my own game: Rebirth - procedural survival horror sandbox game

    This is pretty cool looking, would love to help you test when the time comes!
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    Steam Announcement #1: SteamOS

    If they have linux support yes. Valve's been pushing the industry to adopt linux instead of closed platforms for a while now.
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    Black Mesa Source looking to hire.

    I really feel that they made a poor choice by pushing to make the Deathmatch mode. It's just really a distraction from the completion of the mod which should be their priority.
  14. JossiRossi

    Half Life 3 Jira Problem

    That makes very little sense. They no doubt pay for their Jira account and being a big company there would be tech people working to solve any problems they would have within days, if not same day. If it was so broken as to grind development to a halt, they'd switch to a new system. So yeah...
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    Hey guys

    I apologize on behalf of the site. No one deserves to have been subjected to 4chan...
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    L4D3 is HL3...? [Theory]

    Actually let's keep it interesting. Each warning the point will go up by one. So, the next warning will be 3 points, then 4 and so on. It'll be more fun that way. :)
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    Half-Life 2 - Seagull Poops On Your Car

    Marphy knows his shit. He doesn't put up videos unless he understands what he is putting out there. You should check out his videos on things in the original Half-Life that are like this video.
  18. JossiRossi

    L4D3 is HL3...? [Theory]

    Well since you accuse us of acting Nazi-ish might as well get the benefits of such an accusation. "trunk_slamchest Rule" You need to at least make a token attempt at proper punctuation and capitalization from now on. For every post where I see glaring errors I will give you one warning point...
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    Hey guys

    Now, now. No need to get upset. You just need to stop being so rough around the edges and things will be fine.
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    L4D3 is HL3...? [Theory]

    Duke Nukem was received poorly for being very bad, and because they had been in constant hype mode for a decade with the game always "near completion".