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  1. Shem

    What are the best albums of all time?

    honestly, as a reevaluation, i'd probably keep all these, but i'd want to put nick drake on there somewhere. like a pink moon or thoughts of mary jane
  2. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    happy 2021, and happy you're here ah you lovable creation
  3. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    hap yeaster baby
  4. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    im gonna do a dublin post here and say this: heavy april's foolday & yad & other sumsuch ass hooted nuns' cents
  5. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    just getting this postcount up
  6. Shem

    Know y'haint been here in a minute, but wanted to say: ain't no age limit round these parts...

    Know y'haint been here in a minute, but wanted to say: ain't no age limit round these parts. Boy, I remember oh I can't do this how-d'ye-do
  7. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    and so but
  8. Shem

    2021 CHECK IN

    and basically stuff and everything i guess but i mean like
  9. Shem

    Russell's Fridge

    you got it
  10. Shem

    Do u straighten your hair!

    what the **** even is hair though am i right?
  11. Shem

    Erik's Back

    hl"a just came out confirmed
  12. Shem

    where the **** am i

    where the **** am i
  13. Shem

    What are the best albums of all time?

    honestly I know this thread is almost five years old but just because it's still at the top I'll give my five personal favorites each with sample songs (for posterity). in no particular order: laughing stock - talk talk (1991) post-rock and ambient and jazzy. i can only call it serene and...
  14. Shem

    i found this site in a google search in 2006

    cuz i wanted to see can hit scanner train station in hl2 train station
  15. Shem

    Russell's Fridge

    The fact that you posted this two years after my girlfriend dumped me gets me in a sentimental mood. Now, I don't know what apropos means but I sure as hell didn't a-propose to her, if you get my drift
  16. Shem

    thanks guys

    Bro and the thing is you didn't HAVE to say the "decommissioned" part. The fact that you did adds another layer of detail that I can't get my mind off of. It's not just a space station, it's a DECOMMISSIONED space station. That's like Prey vibes there though what with the moon and the sun and...
  17. Shem

    chat/shitposting thread

    Oh yeah JKA is one of my favorites--I bought a copy off Steam earlier this year and was gonna do the whole Movie Battles 2 thing but never got around to it. Depression, hey! No but yeah, I'm gonna be moving soon and probably won't be playing too much video games for a while. Might be for the...
  18. Shem

    chat/shitposting thread

    BUT DOES IT TAKE IT No but yeah I do wish this place was still popping. I remember saying it wouldn't take off again and I hate myself for that (even though I was right). I'll try to be on a bit more and on the Discord just to do my part in revitalizing it. About to go through a few major life...
  19. Shem


    I honestly don't know anything but I'M IN
  20. Shem

    The "other" ValveTime website...

    yeah but does it take it