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    lol brexit

    you lads ****ed up
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    that was weird
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    Freedom Planet is on sale on Steam and you should buy it I know the voice acting is hard to listen to but you can play with stories and cutscenes turned off and it's basically what if Sega weren't shit at making Sonic games any more.
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    Videogames for Humans

    I bought a pretentious book with the same title as this thread. It's a collection of transcripts of playthroughs of Twine games played through by people like Cara Ellison, Anna Anthropy and to my surprise when I read the back after it arrived John Brindle, aka @Sulkdodds He done got himself in...
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    ríomhaire rises from the grave to do blatant self promotion

    So yeah I obviously haven't been around much. I got a job a little over a year ago and I've been busy and also just hanging out elsewhere online. I've also been writing a blog mostly about computer games that I sometimes manage to actually update and I have just tried my hand at video game...
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    The Legend of Lucky Pie - Chinese Adventure Time

    This actually looks really cute and I want to understand what they're saying.
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    Would 0.999... plane be able to take off on a treadmill?

    If you threw the Eiffel Tower off a cat would it survive?
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    "Recently Updated" Section Added to Steam Storefront

    Valve has today launched a new section on the Steam storefront "that highlights titles offering new and interesting updates, features, and/or content additions." A new banner on the store below the featured games section shows off a couple of games that have recently been updated by the...
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    Gabe Newell Talks About Valve's Organisational Structure

    In an interview with the Washington Post,Valve's managing director Gabe Newell answered several questions on Valve's famous flat management style and how it works for the company. Much of this we've heard before but it still makes for a very interesting read. He also mentions the recent incident...
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    SteamOS Beta Released, Steam Machines and Controllers Shipped to Beta Testers

    The wait is over and with the Steam Machines having been shipped to the lucky beta participants SteamOS is finally ready for download! The official SteamOS page gives the system requirements, installation instructions and answers a couple questions users may have about the OS. If you want to...
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    Secret Santa Discussion 2013 - Merry Everyone!

    Hey everyone I've finally gotten around to putting up the sign-up for this year's Secret Santa! We have a much classier banner announcing it this year so I expect all of you to show just as much class. Head over to the sign-up thread to take part and please if you know anyone who may want to...
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    Secret Santa Sign Up & Wishlists - Closes Wednesday the 18th - ONLY FOUR DAYS

    Sorry I'm a bit late with this everyone (especially Nick), I unexpectedly got a last minute temporary job before Christmas that has left me a bit exhausted the last few days. On the bright side it means I'll actually have a little money with which to buy people stuff. I was seriously considering...
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    First Third Party Steam Machine Unveiled

    The first official third party Steam Machine has been revealed and no it's not the Piston. This box is from iBuyPower and doesn't seem to have an official name yet but there are two different prototypes, one codenamed Gordon and the other Freeman. The specs are vague but the device will have an...
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    Valve Details In-Home Streaming

    Valve have released a series of four announcement posts on the official Steam In-Home Streaming Steam Community group detailing some of the technical aspects of the upcoming streaming service. The system, which will become a built in part of Steam and SteamOS, will allow any user with two...
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    The Humble Store is finally open - Windows, Mac and Linux games either DRM free or Steam keys Permanent storefront run by the Humble Bundle people. 75% of the cash goes to developers, 15% to the Humble Store and 10% to charity. Not much else to say. Buy Papers, Please.
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    Why you should play the Game of Throes RPG (warning: long)

    I played this game on PC but using an Xbox 360 controller on medium difficulty and unlike most reviews I have seen of this game I really enjoyed the whole experience, including the gameplay. The game is hugely flawed and I'm sure if you want to hear about the bad voice acting, inconsistent...
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    More SteamOS References Found in Steam Beta Update

    A new "System" menu has been added in the current Steam beta update. The menu, pictured below, is only available in Big Picture Mode and features information on the user's hardware as well as the version of the Steam client installed. Also shown is a listing for SteamOS version and a button...
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    Steam Surpasses 65 Million Active Users

    Steam has grown quite a bit since its launch ten years ago and according to the Verge the service has passed 65 Million active users. This puts the service, which now regularly boasts more than 6 million concurrent users, well ahead of Xbox Live which boasts 48 million users according to its...