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  1. Kinslayer

    Tablet PC

    As I head off to college in a few weeks, I've been looking at a laptop to take with me. From what I've heard and seen, tablet PC's are a HUGE help and almost eliminate the need to take paper and pencils along, so I think that's definitely what I want to look at. As of now, I'm leaning towards...
  2. Kinslayer

    Can't install steam

    Posted this same thread on the Steampowered forums, but I figured I'd give you cocksuckers a shot at it. _____________________________________ Recently, I was getting the common error of "could not connect to Steam network" or some such upon attempting to log in, so I decided in my ultimate...
  3. Kinslayer

    IB/AP/Whatever testing

    So, who else is going through this right now? Not sure if A-Levels are at the same time, but AP and IB just began testing this week. I'm taking: IB English HL IB Maths HL (FUUUCK - bombed that paper one today) IB Music SL IB History HL IB Physics SL IB French HL Goes on all of May...
  4. Kinslayer


    Vegeta + someotherpersonIcan'tremember and I were talking about styles of hardcore in chat. So, I decided to make this poll. Which one do you like better! Do you like uninspired, unimaginitive, lack of musicality Hardcore techno: Or do you like...
  5. Kinslayer

    Anyone Use Dvorak Keyboard?

    Just wondering if anyone here uses a Dvorak keyboard layout instead of the more-common QWERTY. Also wondering, in comparison, whether you think it's better or worse than the QWERTY layout. I found an existing thread but it's 4 years old and didn't really say much so...yeah.
  6. Kinslayer

    Spin the Black Circle! Veggies, Xev, and I are already playing it. One warning from all of us: Prepare for mind****s after playing for an extended period.
  7. Kinslayer

    Weapon Bashing: Is it too powerful?

    Yes, I know you probably can't survive without the weapon bash. But is it too powerful, does it actually decrease the amount of skill and teamwork needed to progress through the level? Why I think this: 1) You can't be touched unless completely surrounded (which isn't possible if you have...
  8. Kinslayer

    "...ten new weapons..."

    From the store page. What are the ten new weapons? I thought there were only 7: - SMG (can't remember exactly what it was) - Pump-action shotgun - Hunting (sniper) rifle - Auto-shotty - M16 - Pipe bomb - Molotov cocktail - ? Pistols - ? Mounted Minigun -...
  9. Kinslayer

    What is a Portal Storm?

    Alright, simple question that I feel really stupid for asking: What exactly IS a portal storm?
  10. Kinslayer

    How to place Gnomey (securely) in the muscle car

    Now, I've been reading a lot about how people are placing the Gnomey in the seat with Alyx; After some experimentation (tried about 4 different locations, including the engine and the underside of the car :P), I've found where to put him (and I'm surprised someone hasn't found it out before...
  11. Kinslayer

    Easter Egg! - Barney Speaks

    Screenshot: Second line down, blue corresponds to Barney's speech. If you listen carefully, you can also hear him say it, though you never see him. This is right after you go back into White Forest base after the strider battle.