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  1. Vegeta897

    Can we have this? (expanded media embed support) I'm specifically interested in the recently-added gfycat support. Gfy is the way of the future and all we'd need to do is teach the old dog Krynn a new trick and the image dump would be way better!
  2. Vegeta897

    Trainwreck - Animated TFC Coop Mishaps

    This is another Flash animation based around recordings from the gang playing TFC coop maps. Watch the high quality SWF here: Mirror: Or catch the finite-megapixeled video export here...
  3. Vegeta897

    Remove Thumbs Down

    So, since the topic of making the forum a less hostile environment has been pervasive today, I figured I'd suggest something here that would actually be a simple step to prevent some of it. Down voting doesn't serve any purpose other than to annoy the person on the receiving end. Unlike...
  4. Vegeta897


    What an asshole lol
  5. Vegeta897

    One Day a Girl Came into our VOIP Channel

    And then a year later I made an animation out of the audio recording. High quality SWF: Youtube version for people to rate comment subscribe: So after I finished my other animation, I wanted to make more, but not something that required so...
  6. Vegeta897

    Stigmata is out of control

    Someone has to stop him. You can't read a thread anymore without seeing a post liked by him. You see that little and you just know, you god damn know, that it was Stigmata. He's given almost 1,200 likes already, and he may hit 1,500 by the end of the year if he keeps up with this like-spree...
  7. Vegeta897

    Remember those pre-HL2 delay Flash movies?

    These bring back memories. Man. Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw them?
  8. Vegeta897

    Our Dear Morgs, Happy Birthday

  9. Vegeta897

    Full Width Temporary Fix *Poll Added*

    Hi I'm vegeta this is a video: Instructions: 1. Get Stylebot for Chrome: 2. Click this (right side of your omni bar) while on any page: 3. Click 4. Paste this code in there...
  10. Vegeta897

    I Made a Weird Short Flash Movie

    This is a really bizarre flash animation. It's only 2 minutes long. If your playback seems choppy, please reduce your window size. And enjoy! You can watch it in default resolution here: My...
  11. Vegeta897

    Bonne Fete Viper/voiper/baipa/vybor/vvvvv/king kai

    Happy Birthday to the forum's greatest snake thing! How the years fly by!
  12. Vegeta897

    T-17 Tanky - Cartoony Semi-Realistic Vehicular Warfare

    This game is awesome. Think Battlefield but simpler cartoon graphics and bigger battles. It's currently in demo, so you can check that out here: Make sure you have XNA Game Studio and .Net 4.0 (both linked on that page) I've only tried the tank...
  13. Vegeta897

    Photo Edit Contest Rebirth #1 VOTING

    And the voting thread arrives. Since we have more than 10 entries, and is going green and saving trees by limiting polls to 10 options, we have to do this the old fashioned way. THIS THREAD IS FOR VOTING ONLY STATE THE NAME OF YOUR VOTE CLEARLY AT THE TOP OF YOUR POST. DO NOT MAKE ANY...
  14. Vegeta897

    Photo Edit Contest Rebirth #1 Discussion/Entries

    Since the other threads are totally lost, I'm rebooting this series. At gunpoint. Update: Entries complete, vote here: THIS WAS SLIVER'S IDEA AND HIS OBSESSION WITH KOREA IS WHY I CHOSE THIS IMAGE Posted is the normal size (1209px...
  15. Vegeta897

    Happy Woofday, Krynn

    You old mutt. RIP
  16. Vegeta897, let's play Arma 2: Free Arma 2: Free is a free version of Arma 2 without the campaign or mod support. The graphics are also somewhat reduced. But, custom missions are supported and there are no other restrictions on the game or missing content. (Unless you're comparing it to Combined...
  17. Vegeta897

    Bring back the old image button

    This thing is so ****ing awful. First, why the option to upload files locally? What a waste of my time when I click this button. should not bother wasting bandwidth offering to upload images for you. Nobody had a problem with linking offsite before. Most good people would rehost...
  18. Vegeta897

    Well this is shit

    I have 2 more weeks to live in the house I've lived in for 15 years. We couldn't keep up with the payments, so the bank is taking it away. I didn't see this coming at all, probably because my parents didn't want us to worry. It hardly feels real, being told this so suddenly. I haven't...
  19. Vegeta897


    Happy birthday to our resident old man Raziaar! 62! My, you're really getting up there man. It's hard to believe th- .. er... Oh. 26. Still, that's pretty old.
  20. Vegeta897

    NINJAM - Internet Jam Sessions

    NINJAM is a free program that lets you connect with anyone on the internet to have live, perfectly syncopated musical jam sessions. All you need is an instrument or something that you can plug into your PC. Guitar amp, mixer, synthesizer, etc. "But Vegeta, how can you have a perfectly...