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  1. Rizzo

    Thor game

    I found some vids about the new Thor game. Like God of war but... It sucks. I don't even know what to say about this one. Is it for N64...
  2. Rizzo

    Pete Postlethwaite AKA Kobayashi Dies.

    He died from cancer at age 64. Rest in piece. He's hunting T-rexes in heaven now.
  3. Rizzo

    What's cooking

    So, new year is near, and I was just wondering if anyone had any sweet recipies they wanted to share. I think I will fix up a nice Panna cotta. It's easy and pretty fast. Also it can make you sound all douchy chef if you want, and it can also be pretty tasty. Basicly boil some cream, with...
  4. Rizzo

    Sons of Anarchy Season 3

    It's back. And holy shit is it awesome. Yorick, get your ass in here and start praising, BECOUSE SAMCROW IS BACK! I'm gonna miss Half Sack.
  5. Rizzo

    Looking for this media player...

    That I had, before my computer broke... But I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.I know it's not BS player, or KMPlayer and it's not VLC. It was awesome, it was free, and had tons of options and stuff. I remember loving it becouse you could use high performance modes, and...
  6. Rizzo


    God of war 3. **** YEAH! This game is awesome. I just bought it and let me tell you, this game, and Red dead redemption when it's released and I will never need to buy another game probably. Best thing so far, the fight with Hercules. Epic. Also ripping the head off Helios. Some critics say...
  7. Rizzo

    Spiderman gets a remake.

    So, apparently they're rebooting Spiderman. So Spiderman 4 is scrapped, and this means no Sam Rami or Tobey. But will this mean that it will take place in the same universe as Iron man and Hulk? That whould be kinda cool. But I doubt it. It is kinda silly to reboot Spiderman though. Sure...
  8. Rizzo

    Let's play L4D2

    I thought we could have a thread where you can post in to gather some people for a game of vs or whatever. Also post some cool game storys. I tried to play Hard rain on expert. It was imposible with those idiots I played with. We didn't even make it to the first safe house. Tank keept killing...
  9. Rizzo

    Download videos from youtube?

    I found this song that I can't find anywhere, and I wonder if there's some app that will let you save songs\videos from youtube?
  10. Rizzo

    Merry christmas

    Or Happy holidays, for you ungodly swines. It's christmas here now. But I guess Christmas stops being very intressting after you turn 12. But anyway have a good one
  11. Rizzo


    Im sick for the first god damn time in like ever. Man this sucks... Im hoping it's just a summer cold.
  12. Rizzo

    Graphic problems.

    So, when I start up games, I get all these lines, all over the screen. It's not a problem that I had before, and I have little to no idea how to fix it, so before taking it to somone, I thought I whould ask around here first. I think my card is called Radeon X1900, I checked at the ATI Catalyst...
  13. Rizzo

    Tick on my effin dick.

    Yeah. So that sucks.just saw a half borrowed, blood sucking tick **** on my dick.
  14. Rizzo


    Hats. You got one? Maybe even two? Chill. Poll is coming up. Discuss how cool it is to have one. But also, how to wear one. There are many ways, so which is the coolest?
  15. Rizzo

    I need money.

    I need money. About 1000 dollars in your currancy. Im not sure how to get it though. Advice?
  16. Rizzo

    Infamous or Prototype?

    So? What do I get? Prototyp aint even out yet though. I haven't even read any reviews. Im asking you. What whould you get? Don't make this into a Ps3 vs Xbox thing though. I know Infamous is PS3 exclusive. But imagine here you had one.
  17. Rizzo

    What's with all the banns (Nuri needs a gf)?

    I wish i didn't have to make a whole new thread for this. But where whould one put a topic like this? Hm.. Anyway, whats up with all the bans?
  18. Rizzo

    Misc - Rizzo says it's bout effin time.

    Yeah. Today has been a good day. I worked out, and then went out for dinner. Pretty sweet. Im still "unemployed" though, so I have some troubles paying the bills. The work I do get, are "taxfree" if you know what I mean. Also, this will work. Misc that is. I have full confidence in you lot.
  19. Rizzo


    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Im about to kill someone. Post about when you where angry. And how you deal with rage. Murder? What?
  20. Rizzo

    X-Men Origins Wolverine leaked.

    So I just saw that a workprint of the new Wolverine movie has been leaked. Missing some additional footage and CGI. Other then that full movie. What are your thoughts? Big spoiler. But that could change in the final movie I guess.