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  1. joule

    Secret Santa Discussion 2011

    Day 2 Double Fine Pack [] - $5.74 Modern Warfare 2 [] (DLC discounted as well) - $14.99 Dungeons of Dredmor [] - $1.24 Tropico 4: Steam Edition [] - $13.59 Witcher Series [] - 40% (2) and 75% (1) Half-life Complete...
  2. joule

    A very merry Christmas giveaway!

    i heard something about a free giveaway......?
  3. joule

    Free Stanford Class on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    They also have one for Machine Learning and Databases, in case you're interested. Additionally, MIT offers over 2000 free online courses:
  4. joule

    Australian Police try to defuse bomb collar around girl's neck

    Reminded me of the pizza man collar bomb incident as well. And whodathunk Hollywood would turn that into a 2011 comedy flick.
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    TV show/movie game

  6. joule

    The Humble Bundle #3

    You receive a key activatable on Steam in the email after your purchase.
  7. joule

    Amy Winehouse. Dead at 27.

    Guess what'll be #1 on iTunes this week. RIP
  8. joule

    Cops shoot 19 yr old for running after being asked to show bus transfer

    Reports are saying he was armed and fired at police while escaping. Oh and he was also wanted in the shooting of four people a week before, one being a pregnant woman who ended up dying from her injuries.
  9. joule

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Tangled - 8.5/10 Cliche as cliche gets, but a total laugh riot with impressive animation. It was a blast. Toy Story 3 - 9.7/10 Pixar is the only American animation studio that can take some of our most iconic characters, have them swim in existentialism, get tortured by a villain who...
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    Music: Rate and Discuss

    Never thought I'd come to say I would be a Lights fan, but this album is growing on me. Spacey indie electro-pop alt-rock on top of such a soft and soothing voice. It's infectious, minimalistic, and very well-crafted. A quality listen any fan of synth pop and pop(not the bubblegum variety)...
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Black Swan - 8.6/10 Insanely visceral and brilliantly suspenseful. Sharing thematic ideas with The Wrestler, Black Swan is less about Nina's artistic pursuit and much more about her obsession with perfection. It is clear from the first scene where Aronofsky is headed, but it's how he gets...
  12. joule

    Not the happy news: 6 year old boy watches father fall to his death at baseball game

    Nearly the same thing happened to another fan about a year ago in the same stadium. Guy fell some 30 feet trying to catch a foul ball. He fractured his skull but apparently recovered. I smell a lawsuit from the family of the guy that died. Within the next month, mark my words.
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Super 8 - 4/10 Take Cloverfield and District 9, add a pinch of Stand By Me, and take away plot and originality. Then you have Super 9. Sorry, Super 8. I found this movie pretty bland. Not much about it that really shone out or made it original. The monster was hardly more interesting than...