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  1. Bob_Marley

    Assange demands investigation over leaked police reports

    link :laugh: Granted, it is probably someone being a bit of a ****, but it makes for a good chuckle.
  2. Bob_Marley

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    BBC link Had it coming IMO. Israel said they would not permit the ship to enter Israeli waters, but they went ahead anyway. If theres one thing history should have tought people it is you don't mess about with Israel.
  3. Bob_Marley

    Ninjas Save Mugging Victim!

    Sadly no ninja skills were involved, but pretty awesome anyway. BBC linky
  4. Bob_Marley

    South Korea - We need more meat for the grinder!

    SKs told to go home and multiply Numbers, your country needs you! Well, your sperm, anyway. Get out there and start making babies!
  5. Bob_Marley

    Venezuela thinks its Australia

    Looks like Chavez is out to ban violent video games.,1 Sorry RJMC, looks like no Ep. 3 for you :( Because of course an...
  6. Bob_Marley

    Fancy a Job with highs and lows? Sadly I'm not qualified to apply.
  7. Bob_Marley

    Gah, I'm too pissed to listen to the dam busters

    Bah, screw this. You know its a good night out when the even the famous Dah-dah-dah-dah-dadadadah... pisses you off. Screw this. Screw life. Exams are over and I feel the need to be inhebriated. Even on youtube with volume controls this is far too loud.
  8. Bob_Marley

    Somali Cruises: Most cruises offer a mini bar, we offer a Mini-Gun!

    linky Just read some of the testamonials! This has to be a joke, right?
  9. Bob_Marley

    Random Idea for a mod - Left 4 Dead: Aliens

    I was playing Dead Air the other day when my team was defending its self in the terminal when you set that van going to clear the crap out of the way. As we cut down the infected with controlled Assault Rifle bursts I thought damn, L4D would make a great base for an Aliens mod. Simple idea -...
  10. Bob_Marley

    Notice to the Citzens of the USA

    NOTICE TO CITIZENS OF THE USA "To the citizens of the United States of America, in the light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty...
  11. Bob_Marley

    Giant badgers terrorise Basra,22049,22056684-5001028,00.html D: :laugh:
  12. Bob_Marley

    1C & Atari Announce U.S. Co-Publishing Deal

    Ze News! Interview with 1C's Nikolay Baryshnikov about this new deal Now, I personally find this very exciting as it means that 7.62 (the Sequil to Brigade E5: New Jagged Union) will not be relying on a 3rd party publisher for its english release. In addition, this will bring in many...
  13. Bob_Marley

    Happy St. George's Day!

    A happy St George's day to my fellow Englishmen! Enjoy the hour and a bit of it you've got left!
  14. Bob_Marley

    Attention Reality Fans! PR Shut down by MoD! It seems that the PR team found out or was told things they shouldnt have been. Until further notice PR has been shutdown in all its capacities. Hopefully this mess can be cleared up quickly without anyone going to prison.
  15. Bob_Marley

    Silly String saves lives!

    One thousand cans of the neon-coloured plastic goo known as Silly String have been packed off to Iraq to help save the lives of US troops. Here's a video from Fox: Bob's offical rating...
  16. Bob_Marley

    Monitor woes

    I've got my lovely new PC now, but theres a problem. I'm using an older monitor and when I play demanding games it crashes (the rest of the system keeps running). It either does one of two things: 1. Goes into standby and wont come back on or 2. Freezes the screen. also, if I leave...
  17. Bob_Marley

    Project Reality .40 to be released tomorrow

    Tomorrow, on November the 11th, the Project Reality mod, version .40 will be released for Battlefield 2. This is a partial change list (much of .40 has been kept under wraps) pieced together (and continually updated by) [BFF]Clypp on the PR forums, but its the closest we have. Now, the...
  18. Bob_Marley

    The Wikipedia Game - now with prize!

    NOTE: If this offends anyone, please mention it and I'll take it down. I am in no way anti-semetic, it just so happens that this works due to the infamous nature of the person and their impact on history. Ok, so this is something I noticed the other day when I was using Wikipedia. So far I...
  19. Bob_Marley

    Boris Strikes Again!

    Boris Johnson, everyone's favorate tory MP has once again landed himself in hot water after some ill advised comments, this time directed at the population of Papua New Guinea. What will he do next?
  20. Bob_Marley

    1.4 patch release date revealed!

    Date in the pic