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  1. Bob_Marley

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    Toy Soldiers (PC) This game has finally come to the PC after a couple of years over on XBLA. In addition to the original game it also packs both of the DLCs that were released but sadly has had the multiplayer component removed. The game is essentially a variation on the tower defence genre...
  2. Bob_Marley

    Orcs Must Die! 2 announced - WITH CO-OP

    Looks pretty neat. I enjoyed the first one, I'll probably pick it up.
  3. Bob_Marley accuses Valve of making gaming difficult

    I really hope they don't release a client, if they do they may well be somewhat undermining thier own point about steam being DRM, which it is. Quite restrictive DRM in a very nice package (which is why we all go along with it.) I would guess the armour is a reference either to steam guard or...
  4. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    One of the issues I had with the ending mission is how much its built up that your old mates are getting geared up for the fight (the thing that sticks with me is the shadow broker message about Zaeed's recent aquisitions including the parts to repair "jessie") but then all we're treated to is a...
  5. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    Still not convinced that these changes are in direct response to the outrage - they already planned post-ending dlc (which really does suggest that there was something amiss about the ending as continuing the story might be somewhat... problematic with the state it left the galaxy in. There...
  6. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    I'm enjoying the multiplayer also, though having gone through an SP playthrough I've gotten horribly sloppy with the sniper rifle, so I need to get my eye back in.
  7. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    Completed it today. The game as a whole is great - I really enjoyed my journey through the galaxy and the interactions with characters new and old (though I'd have traded away James for any of my old crew in a heartbeat). Huge battles, sacrifices and whatnot. All very enjoyable.
  8. Bob_Marley

    Game Nears the Brink

    Yeah, they're pretty stuffed - they couldn't cough up for EA's releases this month and Capcom have dumped them as a distributor. TBH after thier profiteering business practices (particularly the policy of always pushing used over new) it is entirely unsurprising that publishers are dumping...
  9. Bob_Marley

    KONY 2012: The Internet Is Stupid

    Its definetly pretty dodgy. They seemingly promote direct military intervention (which brings up a whole range of issues) and unquestionly support the "less bad" guys - the Ugandan Army arn't exactly angels. It also seems overly focused on military solutions rather than dealing with the...
  10. Bob_Marley

    New Xbox Won't Have Disc Drive

    Now thats interesting. More space will hopefully mean bigger/more detailed games and close the gap between PC and Xbox and if we're really luck reduce the size of the HUGE first person weapon models we've seen in more recent FPS games.
  11. Bob_Marley

    So I Stepped Down

    As if I'd forget who you are, boss. Hope you'll poke around here a bit more now. :D
  12. Bob_Marley

    Pretty nice, but the light grey writing in the white box on dark grey background is a bit annoying to use. It seems too bright.
  13. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    Game in the UK apparently wont be carrying it, just got an email informing me that my pre-order has been cancelled and I've got a £5 gift voucher to say sorry.
  14. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    It requires origin but can be purchased from other digital distribution platforms, eg Gamefly
  15. Bob_Marley

    Mass Effect 3

    Yes, no (but not available on Steam).
  16. Bob_Marley

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    I wanted to believe Garg! I Just wanted to believe! ;(
  17. Bob_Marley

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Well, the long years of waiting for a new Jagged Alliance game appeared to be over at last. Sadly they are not. Back in Action is a competent, somewhat enjoyable squad based tactics game but its no JA. It certainly tried to be a Jagged Alliance game, but it fell...
  18. Bob_Marley

    Olympic officials block sea view to stop residents watching 2012 sailing for free

    Que every cherry picker and crane in a 200 mile radius being booked out for the olympic period :p
  19. Bob_Marley

    T-17 Tanky - Cartoony Semi-Realistic Vehicular Warfare

    Game is fun, now that I've finally been able to get it to work (tried a few months back but now it seems user friendliness is alot better! :D). Kind of surprised to see it here though as the birds are, you know, the IDF (And the Israel proxy is presented in a very positive light especially...
  20. Bob_Marley

    Post a screenshot!

    PC = Player Character, numpty. As in that moustache is superior to the moustaches available to the player character in many other games. It is disapointing that so few allow one to have a large handlebar moustache.