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  1. AHA-Lambda

    omg konami has already delivered E3 for me! :O MGS AND ZOE HD collections??! DAY ****ING ONE!! :O
  2. AHA-Lambda

    Any recommedations for platformers??

    I've only just realised today actually that one of the genres i miss the most from my childhood is platformers, so i want to get into playing some more. Please recommend me what you can think of but preferably i'd like something in the vein of crash bandicoot, mario or spyro. Also please stick...
  3. AHA-Lambda

    Gabe Newell: We've Moved Beyond the Episodic Model

    Newell: We've moved beyond the episodic model In an interview with Develop Magazine this month, Gabe talked about Valve's approach to developing games and how it has changed. [/i]Gabe also cites that the TF2 development model is something they are proud and although the shortened development...
  4. AHA-Lambda

    ok my bag got stolen 2day...potential ID theft? D=

    K my bag was stolen today to summarise the story before it begins. Of importance tho all that was in it were: uni notes house keys pen drive The problem is my pen drive had my cv on it. Police officer i filed a report with said muggers tend to just grab stuff for valuables but would the pen...
  5. AHA-Lambda

    Does gaming truly belong to the casuals now? The top 10 best selling games ever in the US of A by revenue 5 activision games 4 nintendo games 3 call of duties 3 guitar heroes 2 fitness games a remote pack in and mario kart hell not...
  6. AHA-Lambda

    Hitman 5 reveal for E3? OMG YES PLEASE!!!!! :D :D :D :D
  7. AHA-Lambda

    Tom Clancy's Call of Prey 2: MAXIMUM Dudebro

    there are no words.....
  8. AHA-Lambda

    ok can someone help me about steam refunds??

    I want to cancel my pre order for crysis 2 after hearing all the consolised reports and playing the ****ty MP demo myself. I believe steam does allow refunds and cancellations for pre orders, right? Things is crysis 2 was already charged to my credit card last month but i'm assuming that wont...
  9. AHA-Lambda

    Anyone got any new year resolutions for games? :P

    Yes I realise that probably sounds sad but I'll ask just cos I kinda have some :laugh: Buy less games - I got lovefilm late last year and so far it has saved me alot of money on games and dvds. However I know i can take that further considering sssoooooo many games nowadays imo just aren't...
  10. AHA-Lambda

    Writer’s Guild of America VG Award nominees Fallout New Vegas :D Assassin's Creed Brotherhood :) Singularity :| Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands =/ God of War 3 :laugh::laugh...
  11. AHA-Lambda

    ok this is maybe one of the most surprisingly messed up things i've ever seen D=
  12. AHA-Lambda

    VGA announcements this saturday( Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 reveal??)

    This saturday is the VGAs and with it come a ton of a new game announcements; one of the big rumoured ones is battlefield 3! :D Cementing these rumours is this after all when was the last time the ingame ads in 2142 were even updated? ;) PS: other big rumours include prototype 2, a new...
  13. AHA-Lambda

    Get Killzone 3 beta for nothing (get it quick before its gone!)

    The indian PS Store has a glitch and non PS Plus members can get it for nothing. Quick anyone interested get it now before they fix it; all you need to do is make an indian PS Store account and its the 4th item in the PS Plus section.
  14. AHA-Lambda

    You fav/worst/most disappointing games of 2010

    I thought that now that black ops is out and most big games of the year have been released this would be a neat idea for everyone to put their opinion in on the year thus far. Best games: 5) Black Ops 4) Bayonetta 3) VVVVVV 2) Bad Company 2 1) Mass Effect 2 Worst and most disappointing games...
  15. AHA-Lambda

    Sonic the hedgehog 4 OST Jazz Scat Edition OMG that's amazing! :laugh:
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  17. AHA-Lambda

    Has merch/accessories for games gone too far? What the hell man!? O__o
  18. AHA-Lambda

    GOG is shutting down this is quite a sad turn of events indeed :(
  19. AHA-Lambda

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  20. AHA-Lambda

    Relic designer dies in car accident saving his family ;_; rip the man is a hero for what he did