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    This thread is for general discussion of goings on in yours or other people's lives. It is for sharing information and posting about topics that do not easily fit in to other threads, and that do not seem worthy of a dedicated thread. Attempt to post well, as short/meaningless or +1ing posts...
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    Valvetime means L4D too, eh? All L4D campaigns adapted to L4D2, new DLC campaign 'Cold Stream', any and all "mutations" available at all times. July 24th. Anyway, seems like L4D is a second hand citizen on a site that is now devoted to Valve in general officially. Anyway, I...
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    I insist you play this game

    Project Zomboid's developers have gone through some tough times and have consequently been forced to release their game much earlier than they intended while being technically unable to sell it. Presently you can buy one of their joke games (the cheapest being 5 euros, or 8$) and get the alpha...
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    Person of Interest (Jonathan Nolan, Micheal Emerson, JJ Abrams)

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm kind of mixed on it at present. The mysterious premise doesn't seem that interesting, the hero (Jesus from The Passion of the Christ) seems a bit generic. Certainly no LOST, but it could be worth watching with...
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    Do you look thoroughly depressed ALL THE TIME?

    I do. But I'm not depressed. After being annoyed by people asking me if I was alright or if something had upset me on a continual basis for literally my entire life, yesterday I relaxed my face muscles so my face was completely blank, turned to my friend, and asked him if I was frowning...
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    Shamrock's curlfro turns 22

    Happy birthday and so forth.
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    So yeah, butt sweat

    I have a sweaty ass these days. I do not like this at all. Do you have butt sweat? Are you a butt sweat doctor? Can you fix my butt sweat? Discussion start.
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    Damn Good Deal

    Episode 2 is going for $2 on Steam. If you're one of the two people who haven't played it, you no longer have any excuse. I saw the deal and thought, "People should know about this." And then I thought, "That in itself is not particularly threadworthy though." And at last I thought, "Maybe...
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    HALLMARK RULES THE NWO: or, that Valentines Day Thread

    Surprised no one else made this. Last </3 was long enough ago that I can think back to it without bein' all emo n' shi', plus, it's the first beautiful day of 2011, I've finally gotten over my cold, and looking around and seeing happy people everywhere, even if they're in pairs and I am not...
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    Watchmen in Prose (a writing project)

    Due to a recent interest in writing I've decided to attempt to translate Watchmen (or more likely, a chunk or chunks of Watchmen) into a regular novel. I realize going in that Watchmen is a comic and that attempting to translate it in all its depth and style to any other medium is inevitably...
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    Two awesome indie games you haven't heard about in one thread? YES. From ACE, makers of Zeno Clash: Rock of Ages, a game where you play as a giant boulder destroying Monty Python-esque representations of art history.
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    Free Copies of Left 4 Dead 2

    So a couple weeks back I bought a gift pack of of L4D2. I've given away copies to my RL friends and I have one copy left. I figured I'd post this to see who was actually genuinely interested in the game instead of just throwing it to the sexiest guy around. You can post or PM, and I'll probably...
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    Sequels, Expansion Packs, and Entitlement

    Gather round children, I have a rant! So I don't know whether I just somehow got some strange idea what the phrase 'expansion pack' meant as a kid, but these days in seems to mean something entirely different than what I thought. I consider an expansion pack something that takes the game you...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 (Let's play it together you nerds)

    Due to the sudden arrival of summer I am now looking to rekindle internet friendships and kill some of dem zombies. I figured I would make this thread so people could exchange Steam ID's and set up games and whatnot and because the game is now 66% off so we can get some new players into the...
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    Mandatory games for the cube

    I figured since I've never had a Gamecube I should probably get around to playing all the games I missed out on in that generation on my Wii. SUGGESTIONS?
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    Dear I am not doing anything You're doing it yourself WHY?!
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    This week's: Bleeding out!
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    Steam Rockstar sales this week This one's only supposed to last 4 hours, get it while it's hot.