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  1. taviow

    Inspirational quotes thread

    So I was in kind of a very bad mood yesteday and as I cried myself to sleep I thought how helpful it would be if there was a thread where I could read motivational quotes. So guys please post yours here, I want to see you posting the most beautiful quotes I have ever read. I'll start with a...
  2. taviow

    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    Sept 23rd, 9/8C on Fox.
  3. taviow

    UK retail chains blacklisting Steamworks games

  4. taviow

    ALERT! TVs are evil!

    Watching TV is bad because it will kill us all.
  5. taviow

    Happy birthday Lucid!

    **** you. That is all I have to say. Happy birthday <3.
  6. taviow

    Police chief of drug war infested mexican town seeks asylum in the USA

    This is kind of a sequel to this thread. We were all wondering whether she'd survive. Well, she is alive and lasted about 5 months on the job. But she was being threatened and had to escape.
  7. taviow

  8. taviow

    Dexter Season 6 First teaser that Showtime released to get us excited for it. Too bad it doesn't say anything, lol. But yeah, good stuff.
  9. taviow

    Happy birthday Ennui!

    happy birthday dude! So I have to come up with some image for your thread so here's the best I could do :P Enjoy!
  10. taviow

    Terrible man kills dog for no apparent reason :(
  11. taviow

    Mad Men Season 5 in 2012, with or without Matthew Weiner

    Seems like the show is in trouble.
  12. taviow

    Sony now hunting down IP's

    Source Just ****ing give up already. Damn it.
  13. taviow

    Imageshack is being a pain

    So this has started to happen recently: Apparently I'm supposed to register and log in to see any image hosted in imageshack. Well, I'm not logging into imageshack every time I want to see an image. Needless to say, I am officially F*CKING enraged and spreading the news around. Use...
  14. taviow

    Cyclists piss off the wrong man.

    This happened yesterday, in Porto Alegre, a city which is a few miles away from where I live. Over 100 cyclists decided they should go cycling together at one of the busiest streets in the city, they occupied the entire width of the street and authorities were not informed of the event so there...
  15. taviow

    You can help get Firefly back on the air

    Most likely a big (and cruel) joke, but Firefly fans have taken it seriously. Nathan Fillion has recently stated in an interview that the first thing he'd do if he ever won $300 million from the lottery is buying the rights to Firefly and producing it himself, distributing it on the internet...
  16. taviow

    Bulletstorm leaked 2 weeks early

    Apparently it's only the 360 version though. I don't know. Source
  17. taviow

    Sony bans PS3 pirates, pirates unban themselves.

  18. taviow

    Chasie's birthday let's COMMEMORATE

    Well what can I say? First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY you f*ucking cum guzzling wank basket f*ggot c*nt whatever etc. Enjoy the multiple cocks that shall be introduced into your ass tonight. If only physics allowed the f*cking of one's own asshole, then you'd be even happier. TOO BAD, SIGH. Also I...
  19. taviow

    Steam revenue nearly 1 billion USD

  20. taviow


    VEG, GLENN, LOVE YOU GUYS (hence the thread) :D I always say I suck at images and stuff, never know what to post, but oh well! Whatever right? Just sticking to the text! You guys are absolutely awesome! Have a GREAT birthday, both of you! <3 <3 (one for each of you :S) Hopefully Veg...