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    From Warren Spector to Arkane Studios: Half-Life 2's cancelled Ravenholm episode

    ah yes interesting. early days of Valve learning that compromise was more interesting > to them. i.e steam. half-way happy. Can they just release all of the assets now relating to the project/s for the community of artists/animators/programmers (if they're interested)
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    Thumbnails of new private Team Fortress 2 videos

    they look great! but yeah taunts now are the only thing workshop uploaders get a 25% share for doing. Which despite the dilution prior to Valve putting their foot down. In the before times, for the contributors - they got (2015) about 228m dota2/tf2 raked in (based on old info) 25% - 57m...
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    ValveTime videos discontinued?

    valvetime is strongest when they have sponsored dota2/tf2 items to help with pay. but since that is now a fiasco of earning shit revenue (F&&& valve) i guess not
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    Valve spitefully put their foot down on content creators revenue. reducing the once thriving its very worth it 25% to below 10%. The workshop people have no incentive anymore, same with youtube revenue - if they gutted those up-loaders. There will hell to pay and utube uploads would stop. But...
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    DEFCON talks Source Games and Server Security

    yeah that was good. Unfortunately now since 2015, like cheating that makes it not fun anymore and people stop. Valve in its infinite wisdom reduced the pay out from 25% to as 6% or less for content creators, there is no incentive anymore for dota2/tf2. It was a beautiful thriving community that...
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    People who are displeased with Valve, might not seem to consider the following - but still irrational makes us do crazy things... edited this post, just briefly - Valve are assholes. Go read why. Marc could of let that out years ago, Valve wouldn't allowed it...
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    - I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING playing episode 2 now, you wouldn't go backwards. Occasionally listen to the soundtracks. Half Life is Kaput. Long live Half Life!
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    Concept art from Valve's unpublished space marine game

    so this is not stars of blood? i think that was later, but i could be wrong. Also really cool and thanks for sharing.
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    Many have been affected by a large VAC ban wave

    doesnt matter how many get banned, they will be back tomorrow with new alts. Worry about yesterdays issues today, worry about today's issues tommorrow, so to speak. Look problem is the lack of bug hunting and valves dis communication to not accept bug hunt finds by rewarding with money those in...
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    Valve's moving to a new & much larger office served them well. Should really make it there before they move out. Its iconic to think of valve in that space. Would love a tour.
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    Source 2 expectations?

    i think you answered your own question. what will source 2 bring?...hmmm lets see.....more of everything sounds about right
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    Valve Merchandise Store Replaced By WeLoveFine Partnered Website

    correct, the steam controller is project 1
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    Valve Merchandise Store Replaced By WeLoveFine Partnered Website

    seem to recall gabe newell, talking about allowing 3d printer users to upload their designs onto the steam market/workshop
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    Half-Life 2 in Lost!??! (Not Lost in HL)

    lol yeah jj.abrams connection runs deep with Valve. have to give him credit, the only director/writer/producer who would straight out ref Valve games. Heres hoping they do more.