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  • On a more serious note, you really should visit Sweden, it's a beautiful country.

    Especially during summer.
    Solution is obvious: Pull out of all war-zones and cut the defense budget drastically and invest it in IT infrastructure instead.:p
    Hey if you wish you had high-speed internet, I recommend you move to the Kingdom of Sweden!

    In our great country you not only get gorgeous, blonde and big-boobed women!

    You can also get 100mbit up/down for roughly 30 USD a month!

    *The following advertisement was sponsored by the Swedish Royal Tourist Association(TM)*
    How much does Level 3 charge you for the IP services? I've been contemplating getting something like that for a while, wondering if you think it's worth it.
    I gladly accept your friendship, but if I don't know who you are, then you are effectively a stranger.

    See you on the forums.
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