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  • It doesn't matter and has no affect over the value of such an action or of its importance and/or magnitude.

    The universe as we know it began many billions of years ago, for example, but that still is viewed as an important event.
    You portray the honest image of a well educated, intelligent and quite kind gentleman. I will also add that you have made a bad impression on the community troll, and both of these facts and/or actions stated have made a good impression of you onto me.
    "Originally Posted by Corp. Sheepo
    he can't give someone a friendly welcome because he doesn't have enough posts!!!

    How childish of you. In before a comment on my postcount?"

    You see, if you hadn't edited my post, I probably just would've ignored this post entirely. As you did later on, although with less ridiculous guesswork, you accused me of blatant discrimination based on post count or join dates and all that. You, my friend, are full of shit. The next time you want to make pull shit out of your ass about me abusing noobs all the time to suck up to veteran members, remember that when you pull things out of your ass, they tend to smell like shit.

    By the way, could you enlighten me about your motives then?

    Expressing my opinions, directly or indirectly, are my most basic motives for posting on this forum. If you want to make up implications about my post without actually knowing anything, you're an ass.

    You have not made a very good impression on me.
    I wasn't really referring to bar^5 or dabomb since the quality of their posts is really low. I even said something about them in my very first post on this forum. And I haven't really seen any of Shem's posts before but there was nothing wrong with his post in this thread which you quoted that started all of this off so that's why I replied.

    The fact is shem is a moron who makes moronic posts and isn't a member our community. At the moment he isn't welcome or integrated. I thought it was funny and so that's what I posted.

    I don't think I was an ass, I just thought your post about Shem was unnecessary and rude so I just told you that basically.

    Did you?

    (continued in the above message)
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