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    What are you up to these days?

    Outside of work my three main pursuits at the moment are filling out a million forms to legally change my name, making a silly golf mod for Sonic Robo Blast 2 and making a podcast about Journey to the West.
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    2021 CHECK IN

    Hi I just got a bunch of alerts of someone unsuccessfully trying to log into my account. Remember to use two factor authentication! Happy 2021 everyone.
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    Who's about?

    The terminology and thinking around this stuff has changed over time. There's kind of reason the word "transexual" is looked down on now and people prefer to use "transgender". Transexual carries the connotations of it being about physically getting sex reassignment surgery and things like that...
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    Who's about?

    Well came here on a whim to see had anyone posted a new "hey remember when people used to post here?" thread. I was not expecting to see such super sad (old) news. Time can be a ****er like that. In my own news hi everyone I think I might be trans it's super ****in' weird.
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    What the hell Alyx.
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    Marc Laidlaw Vault

    I mean wasn't he posting on Twitter from the personal of Dr Breen's conciousness in an advisor body for a little while? Kind of suggests he was interested in exploring Half-Life in a different way at some point.
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    US Election: I know this place is dead but...?

    what the flying **** america are the US and UK having a contest to see who can **** everything up the quickest or something?
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    are the crystal gems
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    lol brexit

    you lads ****ed up
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    It is possible to make/buy devices that can read cartridge data to your PC (I have one) and then play them on an emulator without downloading ROMs illegally, but yeah 99% of emulation people do is illegal.
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    Ya we were all at EGX Rezzed.
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    pretty much yeah also it turns out Glenn is not actually Ricky Gervais, who would have guessed?
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