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  • Thanks man, it's good to hear I'm not the only one around here, at least not just CptStern. Haha.

    And thanks for the birthday wish!
    I'm glad someone posted about Elisabeth Sladen on the forum. I've only just found out myself and I'm shocked and saddened by the news.
    OMFG, that's awesome. Best drawing ever.

    Sorry about not getting back to you about the hat. Whenever I get a chance to log into RIFT, I get pulled away by something. I'll take a SS of the hat whenever I can.
    I don't know what you mean about 'code for tf2 hat' lol. I haven't played TF2 in many moons.
    I'm not alone in liking it. FWIW "Wheel of Time was also rated #10 on Gamespy's most underrated games of all time."
    Was released around same time as a Quake and an Unreal or I think it would have been more popular.

    Why do you ask?
    Nope, it was genuinely really fun and different. It deviates from the books of course in terms of plot and so on but it's obv a Portal Stone alternate reality ;)
    Yep, one of my favourite FPS games ever. The multiplayer citadel mode in particular was awesome. You?
    Yeah, it seems that way at least. Thanks for asking. I haven't heard anything from Zenimax since that first letter, so hopefully they gave up pursuing it after my lawyer's response to them. I had support from Valve and from Gearbox too, so I think it would have been a pretty big nightmare for those guys! Hopefully they were just seeing what would stick to the walls, lol.
    By the way, the statement about the CC is purely a statement from a screenshot where it is visible. There is nothing more to do, no story or chamber concepts are shown. It really isn't significant enough to warrant that over reaction.

    If he had put the "Cave Johnson is end boss" as the title I may have sided with you on this one.
    Hi um I don't appreciate you hotlinking from my server without my permission. That image was posted as a link in the minecraft thread. I do not want it loaded by every single person that visits that page of the image dump.

    Please find your own host for it or remove the image.

    edit: Nevermind Pi took care of it.
    So whatever happened to that beer-thing you talked to me about two months ago?

    Strobe (Adagio in D Minor)

    This version I like to called the bastardized version, its basically like the sunshine version but with more heroic vibe to it, but it has an obvious blend to a later part of the track sound in it towards the end of the track

    28 Weeks Later soundtrack track 1-Main theme

    This is an odd version of house in a heartbeat, its got a dark undertone without question.

    Like I said, Adagio in D Minor is by far the overused piece of score by John Murphy
    Yeah he did the original score.

    Here a few of my fav tracks of his, and surprisingly they're Adagio In D Minor

    I enjoy the variations on the piece

    Don Abandons Alice

    A stronger, heavier version of house in a heartbeat imo,

    Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor)

    A wonderful piece, breathtaking euphoria.

    Big Daddy Kills

    Like Don Abandons Alice track, a heavier take on the track, suited to a grim tougher version for KickAss

    Who Are You?

    This is what I would a lighter take on Adagio In D Minor, I feel it implies great discovery or great lost.
    Do you mean what I personally drink, or what Australian's stereotypically drink?

    If it's what I drink personally, then I don't mind a bottle of James Boags, mostly because my friend's acronym'd name is on the lid, and they taste alright.

    The stereotypical Australian drinks either XXXX (Terrible), VB (Worse) or Fosters (Never actually seen an australian drink this fyi)
    Hey Rims. Yeah, I'm pretty much the Big Cheese of the C&C Wiki. Which maps do you need?
    Did you know 'vortigaunt' and 'riomhaire' are like synonyms to me? You've burned that association into my mind through years of seeing you here with a vort avatar.
    Just remembered I forgot to send you a bigger version of that screenshot. Here you go!
    I have that Soundwave.

    But I don't recommend Megatron. I've had several chances to buy him and I don't want him; he's not fun to play with, poseability is pretty meh, and he's prone to Cosmic Rust. Seriously, he's got some kind of problem where his body, mainly his feet, will totally rust.

    Also, first time I got to play with a Masterpiece Megatron and transformed it, the thing cut me! Megatron requires a blood sacrifice to be transformed.
    I'd like to play with you. But Im not sure I'll be home at that time. But I can try. My steam is Rizzo8904.
    Hey Rims,

    personally, I recommend Oblivion Lost 2.2, since it's the latest and most complete release. I played with it through SHOC and it was a great experience.

    OL 2.2 all the way.
    Heh. I saw you post in beerdudes profile.

    Those images were actually made by que-ever(lefty). At least some of them.
    Paint.Net sounds kinda lame. Should get Gimp, even though personally I hate the layout of that damn program. But there are tweaks to make it look more like PS. It at least has a lasso...not sure if there's a magnetic feature, but it has a regular lasso.

    Speaking of original ideas, I wanted to do one based off the "Stop This Mad Brute" war poster, but as it turns out, someone else had already done it. It's well enough anyway; I wasn't going to get around to doing it.
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