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  • Dude, sigs have a 100 pixel limit now. Spoiler tags don't work any more. Just FYI.
    Welcome to, **** that guy.
    Can't place the sword over the shield. SS's controls have you having the nunchuck behind the wiimote and pulling it back as if you were nocking an arrow. It also looks like the sword blocks the infrared.
    Mmm, having help from friends and family is nice.

    Most people my age that I know got their jobs via friends and family, or as the media calls it over here "networking."

    I have only two close family members and only two close friends, and both my friends are unemployed, as is one of my family members, so I'm pretty ****ed in that regard, haha.
    Ah, lots of work available for those with your education where you live?

    I mean like, you expecting it to be pretty easy to find a job when you graduate?
    Never gets revealed. The Light Side (And thus canon) ending has Stargalenkiller Marek and Kota and Juno capturing Vader, with him locked up onboard the Rogue Shadow with Galen and Juno. They jump to lightspeed with the rest of the Rebels with Boba Fett in stealthy pursuit. Starkiller basiclaly says "Maybe Kota is right and you're just bullshitting me to throw me off my game so I'll become your slave again". The Dark Side ending has you being killed by a perfected clone of Starkiller who is loyal to Vader.

    We'll find out if there is ever a third. The team basically got cut from the game and Lucarts will be doing it if they decide to continue the series since they don't want anyone else doing their games. Which means if a 3rd is made it will be shit. Lucasarts sucks these days.
    I know what you were doing, because I do it all the time myself here (bitching about some image in the dump). Hence my comment.
    Charizard is sexy. Too bad I was too old for Pokemon when it came stateside otherwise I might have gotten more into it for that reason.
    i'm cool eh?

    it seems that suddely people who burn their hot cross buns are cool.

    Nothing bad at all... lol. I don't know why I have those dreams. My grandpa is an awesome man.
    Yeah, I saw your messages on his profile. Gotta occupy the horribly sad and lonely hours of his life somehow, I guess.
    Just read ZT's father thread again cos it shook up a bit. Thank you for your condolence. Bit late though haha! :p kiddin', cheers

    Love the profile page mate!
    Well, there is one way I can see it. If I try to send a PM too fast after posting, it is like "YOU MUST WAIT 30 SECONDS"...then it shifts everything down a few inches....making it completely visible!
    Oh, so my guess is Chibi Goku? Looks like it, unless the blue lines/black lines going through about every portion of him makes it hard to figure out :p
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