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  • 1 post away from 6000! Thread worthy. And I don't think it's against the rules if someone else makes the thread for you.
    I'm up in Jersey now, and its really boring. Almost done with high school and then probably off to the Nat. Guard for the next 20 years. Hows Aussie-land doing?
    It was called Spongebob Sickpants or something, the title of the video has a [+18] or something in it - If that would narrow it down a bit.

    It wasn't the funniest video, I just loved the way they did Patrick.
    Yeah sure thing man. Ok first download both parts of the pack (posted in the games section , it also containes a few other mods) and then download that 7-zip thing (also in the same thread). Once you have done that open 7-zip using your start menu and with in the list that comes up find the first part to the pack. Next you have to extract everything in the Gamedata folder to the Gamedata folder where you have STALKER installed. If you don't already have one put the whole gamedata folder from the mod into STALKER and it should use the whole thing then. That should be it then , do not worry about the second part of the pack because you can't use 7-zip on it. To be honest im not sure what it is for but I keep it around anyway just incase it is used by the mod from where it is some how. If you have any problems don't hesitate to ask me!
    If you have me as a friend(same name as here) on steam, my account has been hacked so unless I post otherwise don't click any links that are sent from my account.
    Lol, gotta love that Lincecum kid (looks like a young Pedro imo). Also grrr Marlins! I think my Mets will win it all if they get Manny... and now it looks like he's the greatest of his generation. :D

    If you wish to know, they have mlb.tv to watch the games if your not in reach, etc.
    Awesome, good to hear we have some baseball fans here (other than myself and I know some are in hiding) at halflife2.net. Also, I'm wondering what your team is?
    It's awesome. No damn hair pruducts and 5 min hold ups in the morning.
    I have around 6 mm now... Picture taken a few weeks back. I'll cut it again this weekend i think. Go for it man :D
    Glad to be back. :p There was just so many dumb polls coming out and nothing on the forums that I decided to do something stupid. :p
    Oh... Yeah well, then I guess that's pretty unfair. 6 point infraction for posting it in:

    Prepare to shit HUGE bricks thread
    I'm officially shit with money thread
    Well shit, I found out I have asthma thread
    and the hated vegetable thread.
    Why did you get it?

    I quoted the thread titles and added the infamous smiley.
    But then Glenn deleted my posts...
    Then I quoted the infraction message, and added the Smiley... But that got deleted also :(
    koola, it just occured to me I've never made a poll. This seems like an oppurtune* time, no? Er.... how do you make a poll?

    *not sure if that's a real word
    Indeed i do.
    Cats aren't bastards
    YOU'RE the bastard bien' all chained to your pole and all
    Well... First of all, I'm using the Alienware Desktop Interface Skin. YOu can download it by searching "Alien Guise" on google, and make sure you go to the official Alienware site.

    And if you're asking how I got my quicklaunch on the right, just right click your taskbar, unlock the taskbar (Get rid of the check by "Lock Taskbar") and drag it. Fairly simple.

    Enjoy your new skins. :p

    Theres 4 of them. I believe the one I'm using is called Xeno Morph. It looks the best imho. :)
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