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  • What happens when the poles shift? It won't matter for shit who you roll with, cold and stiff.
    Look what the cat dragged in. Where do you hang your hat these days Dan?
    Bed posts mostly.

    Would you even be notified of this response?! This new layout is cah-ra-zee.
    Oh, I don't know. The topic bores me, honestly. See if you can find it on Youtube and judge for yourself.
    There's this show called: Secret Societies: The Dark Mysteries of Power Revealed

    I saw about an hour of episode one; it was covering the Freemasons, and I figured you'd be interested in the series.
    Brofist indeed. I'm all for being open minded and not holding super obvious prejudices, although I've never tried it to the degree you seem to.
    Oh I know all about the intensity. I'm as prepared as one can get for their first time.

    I'd be glad to see your views - they probably reflect some of my own doubts.
    Psychedelics are pretty fun. I recently extracted DMT successfully, but haven't tried it yet.

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the concept of a resource-based-economy. I'm gonna assume you're at least somewhat familiar with it.
    I want to make a thread but can't stand the idea of people reflexively dissing the idea instead of actually discussing it.
    In the mean time, have you any interest in a RBE? Jacque Fresco? ZM?
    How bout that monetary system eh? Inherently flawed, unsustainable, fµckin eh.
    Thought you'd like to know, one of the people that lives near me has a freemason sticker on their truck. I can get you their address if you want.
    Ink blots? Does that make you crazy? Well, that depends on what you saw? WHAT DID YOU SEE DANIMAL. WHAT DID YOU SEE.

    No seriously, what did you see. Also, you're crazy regardless. :]
    Yessir. Shamelessly ripped off of a google imagesearch.

    'dit: Wait, wouldn't it be the right eye?
    B-but... haven't you heard? If you die in real life you... actually you pretty much go to sleep on the internet, I suppose, but yeah.
    Yeah, but it feels more like an oversight of the coding than an intended effect of the punishment. When that occurs, it really feels more of a trouble than a lesson to me...
    I know, but something such as privacy settings really feels more like an overlook insofar as the result of a ban as opposed to a direct result, y'know?
    Congratulations on getting your pic back.
    (stupid new rules... should be able to change your own damn privacy settings)
    Oh yeah. Some drawing I was doing. Must get back to that. Didn't have much free time for the last six weeks.
    Nah mate, in an ironic twist, I adhere from weed in order to maintain more credential in the future when I vouch for it/ try to legalize it.
    Otherwise it'd be like a black dude trying to tell the kkk they're wrong, y'know? Horrible analogy, to be sure, but you get the idea.
    I don't believe that at all: I believe that by natural selection (if such a thing does exist) we will find ourselves to be, as a species, the grays as adapted to nuclear fallout and atmosphere. Eventually, far in the future, we will have built a time machine along with "airplanes" suited more towards deflecting the dust and whatnot of the ash filled world of the future, which inevitably ends up looking akin to flying saucers.
    So gray aliens are our nuke-adapted ancestors of the future time traveling to observe us for archival purposes and warn us if possible, unless they subscribe to the "don't alter the past lest we cease to exist" clause.
    I believe there are conspiracies, as you say, but none on a scale worthy of being considerable for global domination, let alone any competent enough to pull such a (magnificently un-pragmatic by any means) thing off.
    Seriously, if one thinks on it, all the aesthetics of the greys could be boiled down to "natural selection" in a world riddled with nukes. Bald heads. Gray pale skin of a dark, light deprived world, and massive eyes to compensate. Lanky figure from either malnutrition or lack of food requirement in such a harsh environment, consumption wise.
    It's fun to contemplate.
    Whatever you say brah, I'm just getting ready for the visitation from the descendants of humanity.
    *Holds out sign inviting gray aliens*
    They come to warn us against nukes yo.
    It's a series, not a movie.
    Very open to interpretation and metaphor, really. You'll love it.
    I've seen his stuff and even my folks now are watching some of the ones they have on Netflix which is nice to hear. The more people on the bandwagon the better. You can't be a sheep forever otherwise your not paying attention
    Exactly, you don't know! And yet that what makes it devilishly delightful! Muahahahahahahahahaha... hahaha... ha... ha

    You owe me a dollar! So there -_-!
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