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  • I know it was nearly two years ago when you asked if anyone liked BFMV but because i wasn't posting at the time I was unable to say that I like them!I went to see them back in 2008 after they released Scream Aim Fire and I was a fantastic night. I was late to college the next day but it was so worth it.
    Your robot lightsaber duel video is awesome. My company got 1 of those exact same welding robots and I learned how to program it. The thing was the bomb man. Scary too when it moved fast because you didn't want it to crash. Too bad the contract job ran out and we couldn't use it and getting laid off. :(
    Haha, will you be on later tonight? Once you reach the higher level it's so slow to level up, the only decently fast way is Hardcore mode but it's so annoying without playing in a party.
    Not even when he's about to be executed in Saudi Arabia for witchcraft and revealing that it was all a sham would save his life?
    Good deal, I like your style! Maybe I should try to mimic it.. Or just absorb the essence of your soul, ha ha ha!
    Holy crap dude, have you really gotten over 6000 posts in less than two years here?

    You're crazy!
    Hey, glad to see you're waking up.

    Now that you're starting to look around alternative news sources, you need to roll your sleeves up and do a bit of weeding - a lot of the conspiracy stuff you come across that seems ridiculous usually is ridiculous. (Either that or created by the Elites as disinformation etc.)

    I reckon you should check out Alex Jones' radio show, he was the guy who made The Obama Deception, Endgame etc.

    Yes, but it doesn't burn your eyes out like Willie's. :E

    What is that thing anyway? The blue man w/ mustache + glasses?
    Ok, come on. This has got to be one of the worse profile themes on the site. :p

    J/k. :p
    Use the second one I posted though, it's much cleaner. Yeah you'd never guess I spend time working with animated gifs from MY avatar or anything :D
    Thanks to Gimp for making it so easy:

    Actually that one's all feathered with white. Try this one for our dark background forums:
    I might be starting an internship at a dog-daycare/kennel soon enough :)

    Last year I voluntereed/interned at two aid orgs called "PLAN" and "ActionAid"
    Better that than being unemployed like me, but I guess I shouldn't whine since I live in a welfare nation, so I get pretty nice backup from the state and my family.

    Still, it's not the money I care the most about, it's having a form of regular 'duty' that gives you a sense of meaning in your everyday life, if you understand what I mean.

    Me being unemployed has also left me unable to focus on most games, simply because I have so much free time one sorta loses the desire to do anything at all. It's weird.
    I mainly do it out of lazyness, too lazy to sell my games on eBay and selling'em to game shops gives you like 20% of what you paid, so I feel it gives me more satisfaction to donate'em to something good rather than get a minimal investment back.:p

    Might I ask what you work with?:)
    Same here, I own over 55 RETAIL(I.e. not counting arcade games) on my 360, most of them bought when new, only beaten(as in played through the mainstory once, for me completed/finished means I either a) unlock everything there is to unlock etc, see everything there is to see or b) get 1000g) maybe 20 of'em.

    And that's not to mention my abandonware backlog which is absolutely f*cking insane!

    Also, we have no rental services here in Sweden nor am I into selling my games so.

    The times I want to get rid of my games I generally donate'em to childrens hospitals around here if they have the platform to play'em.
    I demand you add me on XBL, my Gamertag is Gargantou.

    Failure to do so will have severe con sequences for your mental wellbeing.

    Have a nice day.
    And thus the lyrics: "He'd rather eat the rotten asshole
    of a road killed smurf and down it with beer" was invented.
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