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  • Thanks, they're great aren't they? :) I only just got into MM, so forgive my N00bism, what is the game you speak of?
    Cheers :) Basically, most the people on here are just dicks at the end of the day, and they all think they are supremely more intelligent than each other, just a pissing contest really. I've decided not to post to often any more.
    Ahhh, yeah. I know Manchester was hit by some pretty bad rioting after it started spreading to other cities than London. Seems to have mostly died down now, hopefully it stays that way! Some harsh sentences being given out for those arrested, so I hear.
    Just to clarify, I was just kidding with the "Information overload!" and didn't mean anything bad by it!:)
    Information overload! Anyway, fair enough! I must sadly confess that my avatar isn't me either! I wish it were though, the guy in my avatar is one handsome son of a gun!
    For a moment it looked as though you were doing the Illuminati sign in your avatar and I was about to put a hit out on you, then I realized it was a heart and I was all "Awwwww!"
    That's ambitious!

    It will be worth waiting for I'm sure, although summer seems to get shorter and shorter with every passing year...

    Especially up your way, I was up in Cheshire at the beginning of June, it was bloody freezing!

    Not really when riding, but it wouldn't surprise me if you're on the back as you're using your arms to hold on or brace when braking and the forces involved can be pretty extreme!

    So when do you get your own? :)
    Oh that's so cool. I would never have guessed another HL2.netter was a fan of Ville/HIM.
    & yeah, I too have a poster of Ville, he overlooks my computer desk. He's simply enchanting, there's something very calming about him. ^^
    Oooh a message! This is a little late reply because I never usually get messages and as such don't check for them :)

    Two Door Cinema Club are great! The whole album is pretty upbeat and real easy to listen to, personal favourite has got to be "Eat That Up, It's Good For You". Unfortunately Exeter is pretty shit for live music, so I am yet to see one of their gigs. My housemate says they're just as good live and was pleasantly surprised with his voice out of the studio

    Definitely on my "to see" list.
    Oh, you love me really.

    And I disputed your post because, you know, you replied "can't be assed" to reading over watching a movie.
    I didn't want to change my mind.

    But I did.

    Therefore my mind was changed for me by myself who I am and yet am not at the same time.
    Last Post: 02-02-2009, 03:50 AM
    Your Post: 03-02-2009, 08:42 AM

    It was a day, not a couple. Wasnt even 24 hours.
    Anyway im not here to cause trouble, so i'll ask, How do you put up with those tape around your spectacles, arent they rather uncomfortable?
    Oh no no, I remember your post, mine was LONG before that, atleast 2 months.

    Always happy to add more people to the group though.

    Hate that movie.
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