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  • Love your sig! Modest Mouseftw! (Although I always lose the game whenever I listen to that song, and dammit, I just lost the game now whilst writing this. Also, apologies if I caused you to lose the game!)
    At long bloody last! Another Ville Valo fan on here! Although I'm a girl so it's kind of more normal. Anyway, you're right about his eyes. I've got a huge poster on my wall and it feels like he's gazing into my very soul...
    He has a sexy smile and laugh as well.
    Fair enough I suppose. Personally I've loved all his work up 'til Alice in Wonderland which was kinda meh.
    Never really like nightmare. Corpse bride, eh, had a nice atmosphere to it but I don't remember much of it. As for sweeney todd, I was in the same room with it playing but wasn't paying much attention. The whole "musical" aspect wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
    Really? Not a fan of Nightmare or Corpse Bride? Sweeney Todd was good too.
    ah well that makes sense. Though I have a suspicion that was his last good film.
    Hate your avatar, only because emo Twilight loving ******s destroyed all Tim Burton classics forever.
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