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  • You make it through training yet? Hope you get stationed somewhere sunny.
    I have had it on DVD for several years, never gotten around to watching it! Might be about time I guess.

    I got it on the recommendation of a fellow Swedish friend who is big into war movies.
    I guess, but let's not forget that during the big famine during the 1990s, there are numbers that show as much as roughly 1/10th of the population starving to death.
    Yes, the match just started an hour ago between NK and Sweden.

    It feels weird seeing the NK trainer, he wears a very modern looking suit and shit.

    Basically he looks like a modern business-man, not like he comes from a nation that is currently suffering from mass-starvation problems.
    You heard NK excuse for losing 2-0 against the USA in the female football (soccer) world cup? Apparently five of their best players were unable to play because they were all struck by lightning during training in Pyongyang!

    Luckily they are ready now to play against us Swedes!

    Sounds reasonable.

    Personally I think we should just nuke NK and be done with it.

    Sure, SK and China would suffer some fallout problems, but isn't it worth it to get rid of that eye-sore?:p
    Yeah, that's what I've heard.

    Also, I saw on news that an NK journalist smuggled out hidden footage showing that even NK ARMY is starving!

    I am hoping this means army might turn against Kim Jong-Lul soon!
    Yes, so I've heard.

    A part of that problem is of course that the books stretch out over further and further distances.

    And just to be clear, I have no interest in reading the Dune novels not written by Frank Herbert.:)
    Personally I didn't finish Dune until last year, read it from September to December in very short bursts.

    Sadly lost a lot of my reading 'talent' since I dropped out of school, since I haven't been forced to read books regularly since then.

    Trying to improve now though.

    But yeah, Dune is awesome, gonna try reading Dune: Messiah during summer!
    Man, I loved dune since I was in high school. It was awesome. One of the best sci-fi books I've ever read, even though I don't really go for the whole space opera thing. :D
    Not exactly. They just put people with disorders or unwanted traits (dwarfism, retardation, etc.) and render them incapable of reproduction in concentration camps.

    That's what I've heard, and considering the sources are NK escapees, I'd say that's probably true.
    I heard in NK they euthanize infants that are born with genetic disorders, do you know if this is true?
    I think the only solution to all of the world's problems is the deliberate and systematic destruction of all parts of the world except Scandinavia.:p
    I know, I am not blaming SK, if anything I am blaming NK government.

    What I really hope is that a starvation leads to a popular rise of the masses which would increase the chances of the UN intervening and finally trynig to get rid off Kim Jong-Il, though it is unlikely.
    So what do you think about the UN report that 6.000.000 NKs are facing starvation, numbers?:O
    As a visitor of China I can tell you that metal chopsticks are used here in some capacity. Kathy's family has lots of them.
    That's why I've been so confused! The way I've been using them is holding them like traditional chopsticks... except using an up and down motion to bring the top stick on top of the bottom one, I've been using a sideways motion to bring the top stick to the side of the bottom one.

    I've been relatively successful doing it that way, at least with noodles. the stainless steel suckers are slippery though!


    Haha... I actually know which end of the chopsticks are the end you hold... what I meant was that it has a very flat profile, so at the very tips it's like little rectangles.
    Hey, it's my favorite Korean!

    I have these metal Korean chopsticks. I'm having an issue learning to use them. Do I need to make sure both of the widest flat sides are making contact, and if so... how the hell do I accomplish that? Struggling to learn to use these things.
    Numbers, it's time for you to stage a new military coup, and finally kick some North Korean ass!
    Yeah, but take into account the fact that most people from other provinces didn't even know about the anti-Uyghur riots, and you get something like a pretend-total cohesion.
    Not more so than other nations really, just take the anti-Uyghur riots and stuff, far from total cohesion in my opinion.
    Well, pretty much all nations want that within their own borders, if anything China is the superpower with the most ethnic tensions in my opinion.
    A civil war would be preferable since it'd make it easier to sweep in and democratize them.

    However, risks always increase for genocide of minorities in civil wars, sadly.
    Personally, I think the best thing to happen in order to kicks China's ass would be an invasion of Russian border cities that they claim ownership too, then Russia and NATO could ally and jointly whoop the ass of China!

    Sadly, the US and China are jointly dependent of eachothers economies to not face total collapse.

    I mean, summing it up on a basic level, the PRC produces far more than it consumes, the US consumes far more than it produces.

    So, if PRC stopped producing more than it consumes, the US would get a hard time finding material to sustain its markets.

    But on the other hand, if the US started consuming less China would be ****ed because they would lose their biggest consumer of goods, leading to huge unemployment and huge loss of income.
    Also Numbers, what's your take on all these claims China are beginning to enforce in Asian waters?

    I saw they even claim ownership to gas-deposits that lies under the water by MALAYSIA?

    It's insane, how can they claim things so far away from their own borders.
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