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  • well i'm still active year on an 18 year old website. that is old as me.
    you said in 2022 check up "prove it"
    well here am i.
    Sometimes I wonder if there are members I don't know on boards I never frequent here.
    MFL's ... Are those the gunboats you see South of the Border? Instead of EFWs (European Flying Walruses)
    No problem, I don't really care anyway, I was only acting vexed for the fun of it. Being a mod for 5 years or however long it's been sort of gives you a thick skin :D
    In episode 3 the barriers between all the continuities will be done away with and Captain Juan-Luc Picard will mate with Gordon Freeman through the Pnuematic Ultra-Condom Sperm/Egg Converter that slipped through the portal from the Steampunk universe inside of Klieners right knee. Thereupon the G-Man will raise his Klingon underlings from their graves and zip off to Endor in their Tardis's to pillage what is left of the Ewok/Nightelf concentration camps left over from the Secession Wars of the Inner Sphere. The Big Daddies will get confused by this unexpected arrival and open the gateway to Hell to get the ammo for their shuriken-and-lightning guns. Princess Mononoke will land in the Millenium Falcon just in time for the debut of the Mythbusters Adrian Shepard living debunking, and she will steal the waters of the fountain of eternal youth from the claws of Skeletor.
    Captain Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch will arrive on the scene to arrest her and jail her next to Superboy-Prime in the heart of a Red Supergiant, but along the way will get waylaid by the Andross Armada but will be saved by the Rebel Alliance, but before the flagship is destroyed it will activate the Improbability Drive and Nicol Bolas will make everyone discard their hands. The Knights Templar will intercept the G-Man and his army of undead Klingons just before they release Jar Jar from his prison within the hidden depths of Endor, and a massive battle will break out between the shining knight and the xeno.
    The son of Gordon and Juan-Luc will then activate his hidden psycher transmitter and call down a deep-strike squad of Grey-Knight Terminators, and then shit starts getting real. The Blues Brothers drop out of hyperspace in atmo over the battle with Indiana Jones clinging to the top of their car with his whip aflame in the air above them. He performs the forbidden Dance of Summoning, and out of the ground climbs Zues and Odin, who were previously enwrapped in each other arms. An odd moment for them, they immediately turn into a swan and a horrible sea monster, respectively. Homer watches all of this and carefully makes notes on the back of a napkin from the cafe at the streetcorner all the while burning copies of The Da Vinci Code through the sheer grinding friction between his buttcheeks. Finally, there will be a three hour long cutscene of Gordon speaking.
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