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  • I think Ross raped and ate Samon and then used his scales like the killer Leatherface, but now he called fish-face here.
    I use the term Myanmar as this is the name in common use within Burma, including in those areas outside of government control (That is, under the control of the various ethnic malitias). "Burma" has not only colonial implications, it also implies preference for the Bamar/Burman ethnic group over the minority Karen, Shan, Kachin, Mon and so fourth.
    No no, the Guinness mixed with whiskey thing. That's all I'll ever order. Though drinking alone is also common.
    Yeah so I've gathered.

    The proper thing for the UK to do would be to hold a referendum in Northern Ireland, as to whether or not they wish to become a part of the Republic of Ireland.

    Though I recall reading a while back that more independent police power had been transferred back to Northern Ireland, so they were less under British jurisdiction?
    Well personally I don't in any way support the bombings the IRA did, but I do support the concept that if Northern Ireland wants to become part of the republic of Ireland, then it should be their right, and a referendum should be held as such.
    I'm a bit slow, but do you mean that you support the nationalist ideals that are prevalent in certain parts of Ireland?
    I generally don't add people to MSN, partly because I'm hardly ever on there.

    But what do you mean by Catholic atheist?

    Do you mean that your family are catholic/you were raised catholic but you currently don't believe in God?
    Damn, I never knew you were Irish!

    Protestant or catholic?

    Atheist is not an acceptable reply!
    No. I was once a glorious 2003. I used to preach about how awesome and great the 2003s were, and how we were like kings of the forum; better, even, than staff members who joined after 2003. But this angered Pi, and he changed my join date to shame me.
    Uh... No?

    What makes you think I did?

    It's just a reference to the "over 9000" meme, which I was never a fan of. Why would I write that?
    Well, i welcome anybody openhanded. There isn't a single soul on this forum i hate. Mecha was being a prick once, Samon enjoys giving me infractions.

    I don't even know where is the ignore list i keep hearing about.

    I dont think anyone dislikes him though. I think everyone, including you, believe he is overstepping his bounds because hes only just recently joined. But I think that a good idea is a good idea no matter how well we know the person. Although, thats not to say his idea is a good idea in this particular case, but my point still stands.
    "...and then dirty jet wouldn't have embarrsed himself."

    Dirty? I resent that.
    But I DO admit that I know nothing about Ireland's history.
    ALSO, I have Asperger syndrome, official diagnosis, so you can't be mean to me! Lalala!
    Everytime I see your avatar, I get a sudden urge to call you 'Tricky Dick'. No offense.
    Thank you for that lovely comment.

    I posted in the topic trying to explain my situation, but I'm sure nobody will listen because the general consensus is that I am a troll.

    And I'm not.
    Yes; the problem is, if we can co operate fully and without dissent, we've won.
    But, of course, there's always that guy.
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