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  • Seeing this forum was a terrible accident, but reading your dribble was just too much to bare, and is now something I can't unknow. I joined just so I could urge you to strongly consider a quick drive to your local vet immediately after reading this message and having yourself put down.
    The Game you say...i believe i heard this name before. I'm kinda weary of books like this because a lot of them offer false promises. But i just might give it a look.
    Dude, read a book called "The Game" written by Neil Strauss.
    Im sure you can get it at your local bookstore or order it.
    ISBN number of the book is: 9781847672377
    You'll thank me later once you're covered in pussy...
    TOPS Knives. Will see if I take it. My dad has it now, we both collect and he seems fond of it.
    Yeah I guess. I had a hard time finding one around here. I'll keep looking, if I find one I can just cancel. I have untill Friday. Got this one though, Havent used it or anything, but I still like it.
    Hey man, meant to ask you, did you ever get that Bushman? If so did you like it? I just orderd one myself. Got it for $50. Including shipping.
    nice to meet you too. :)
    one friendly advice...stay out of "The Lounge"...it's a dangerous place, there's some seriously messed up things going on in there :p

    but otherwise enjoy the stay
    haha hi! my name is stephanie... joined here because my boyfriend was showing me some thread and I wanted to comment on it. nice to meet you :)
    emm...this is new to me. i never bother checking my user CP. raziaar, since when does your cow booty dance? :)
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