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  • Curious how your HL2 mod is progressing, havent seen any news in a while.

    Loved your sniper concept btw, got a artists workpage or something? I want to add some of your work to my wallpaper collection =D
    yeah i had a really great time! That city is crazy haha! Only bad thing was all the people that kept bugging me to buy cocaine and shit, but oh well.
    haha damn dude, i just got back from Amsterdam and i just now read ur msg :(
    Next time i go there il let u know ;)
    SF? dont talk to him, he might kill you. with his bare hands.
    i met one of those guys (SAS) once, he was like 60 and retired, but i still wouldnt
    give him any shit. man, i really want to go to japan, WHY MUST IT BE EXPENSIVE??
    as for the burgers, maybe its that kobe beef stuff they use..
    sushi = good.
    girls = good.
    burgers = i had no idea japanese burgers were good.
    so to sum up, im sure your trip will be awesome. and yeah, im joining up in a combat role, so i'll probably get sent over straight after training. what unit is your brother with?
    i always wanted to go to japan! but tis too expensive.
    i'll go back in maybe a year, i want to travel for about 5 months, then i'll head back to england
    and join the army, and on my first break from that i'll probly go back to zambia.
    and ive just realised that this will the longest ive been away from africa in 12 years.. weird feeling. why you going to japan?
    im still in uk. it sucks. BUT
    i have a plan!
    im hopefully leaving in about a month, im going travelling round south east asia.
    indonesia,cambodia,vietnam, laos, thailand. well, hopefully all those places. twill be awesome.
    hey sorry buddy I've been ****ing swamped with college. Don't worry about it, I know you're busy. We actually did a 'contest' type thing which actually got some submissions that didn't, well, suck. Thanks anyways though. <3
    hay dodo I'm looking to get a banner made for a website and I remembered you did an amazing one here. if you might have time to get it something together over the next couple days let me know? <3
    it's a wallpaper of a girl with her head tilted on the wall. I recently posted it in the desktops thread.
    Yeah i did, it got me a 10 for my last school project... (finished my school btw) But i used alot of mod content, so it's kinda secret.

    Oops again! I finally found it. Thanks muchly anyways, sorry for draining your time though.
    (lol, your private message box is full, might want to clean that)

    Oh, oops, I'm sorry, I didn't see that one there, I meant the one where it is the concept art of the four L4D survivors all next to each other with their guns?
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