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  • You should get on to Telltale and try to get some copies of Puzzle Agent for a competition. It's a great game and the only game I ever played that was worth my money just for the story. And they have a sequel on the way so it would be worth their while to get a few more potential customers on board they wouldn't have had otherwise.
    To be fair a non-staff member would probably get infractioned for triple posting like that, try to use the edit button in the future unless it's a legitimate bump. You've been doing well so far with ignoring the poop some of the regs have been slinging at you, keep it up, they will get used to you being around eventually.
    Time and effort are two different things, and there's a reason I said one and not the other. The english language is a wonderful thing, you should start using it.
    It's partly because your "burn" wasn't worth any further effort, and partly you as a person aren't worth any further effort.
    Yeah, great play. You should read it if you haven't. That's a pretty pivotal scene.
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