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  • In terms of earlier stuff, anything by Miles, Coltrane, Monk, Gillespie, Mingus, Blakey, Dolphy, Evans, Dexter Gordon etc. is fair game, also Chet Baker who I find a really useful player when considering super-'inside' phrases; his album with Gerry Mulligan is a good one. I'm pretty terrible at the early free stuff, though, which I consider to be a failure on my own part - the chanting in 'A Love Supreme' is generally the last straw and I don't usually get further than that. Rubbish

    I'm studying substitutions and ways of getting an altered sound over 6251's right now. And generally working on my changes playing.

    How about you?
    It is a bit of an art, and I found it very difficult to achieve the tone - I played jazz pretty much exclusively outside of studies before I came to uni, and was shocked when my first performance assessment was a classical piece.

    I've just graduated. I've spent most of the last 6 months playing standards, getting to grips with the more outside harmony that I've been trying to learn - damn it wasn't until my last year that I realised the 'in every key' advice was massively important! So yeah, you know what it's like, shitloads of work. I'm listening to a lot of later Brecker right now, Chris Potter's latest is also wicked, and Kenny Garrett's obviously super-cool, I was checking out some of his live stuff with Miles Davis on youtube the other day. I'm also a massive fan of Keith Jarrett and Hiromi. My modern listening is a little parochial though.
    Happy Birthday! I happened to be on your page & suddenly realized it was your birthday.
    Very well then. I might rule, but your Mr. Burns with a mustache is quite possibly the most ruliest avatar there is.
    I am certainly not contesting the notion, but what post brought you around to that idea?
    ENCOURAGEMENT **** YEAH thanks bro. The problem isn't my grades, it's my social life at school. You see, I'm not very open with people and this has caused me to feel downhearted and it has taken most of my time thinking about it. So I haven't been doing much of the things I have previously done (practice guitar, read, ect.)
    I don't play jazz or any music. :(

    I've been promising myself to learn to play an instrument for awhile, but school has taken over.
    Not too bad - some of the sight reading was balls hard, but ok.

    It's funny, cause the only jazz band that perfectly works with my shedule this semester is the One o'clock band! We'll see what happens; I won't find out the results till this weekend.
    Thanks man. Don't know if I'll make the 1:00 band, but I'll still give it all I got.

    Actually my Youtube account name is j42pop - it's acually a fairly recent account. I always browsed youtube, but I've only recently made an account.
    Haha, thanks.

    So I'm getting a little nervous right now - I have to play a jazz audition for Steve Wiest on Friday.
    Can't say I've heard of Michael Franks. Pretty groovy tune. Figures they would studio fade out when the sax player started getting interesting.
    That was very good. I can feel the upbeat almost hip hop vibe to it. It changes styles but still keeps the same rhythm. Very very good. I haven't been to many concerts though. My dad and I are real big nuts about it but don't have the time. The last one I went to was in VA, Michael Franks. Free admission, outdoors, one of the best Ive been too. You know him :)?
    Good intellectual arguments my friend. But... your taste in music succeeds your ability to debate...sorry. :)
    It actually my surname's initials (I have a double barreled surname)
    I'm going for a record here. no seriously I love this place, is dead and I jumped over here before it sank, although I did go there everyday I could just to visit
    Well I know what you look like from the picture thread and I swear I saw you at my work today.
    BTW, here's a weblink for a massive Youtube Jazz video collection someone put together (one of my professors sent this to me a few months ago); I thought you would like this:


    I just played my last gig with them last month at the Peoria Pizza Works; I'll be heading off to University of North Texas for Grad school in late July. I'm still in Illinois right now, so if a gig with them in the next month comes my way, I'm scooping it up.
    Thanks - that band (Illinois Central Jazz Train) was probably one of my favorite groups to play with in the central Illinois area - an awesome group to check out if you find yourself down there.
    Yep, thanks for asking. I'm mostly out of the house since my summer started, so I've been keeping to one forum, which is Games and Gaming.
    The new stuff on the Myspace is very good - winds are very clean and the rhythm section is swingin'. Sounds good.
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