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    What are you up to these days?

    When I used to post on here, I was a 13-17 year old. Now I am 30 years old. I moved from the UK to Greece, I live in Athens now. I run a UK marketing agency. I have enjoyed my life so far. However I do miss the little community we had here. I have never again really been in something like...
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    Your Favourite HL2.Net Memory

    Before this place dies completely, let's share our best memories.
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    Remember when people used to post: Gabe Newel is dead! Dead tired of getting poor reception in the jungle on his bannana phone! Or it went something like that anyway. Fun times.
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    Can you believe they let someone else take the domain? Truly end times.
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    How are our Venezuelan brothers/sisters doing?

    Yes the situation in Venezuela is deeply concerning. I wonder if crypto-currencies are proving much relief at all.
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    Who's about?

    That's sad, although the username doesn't ring a bell. I'm living in Athens Greece now, I started by own business and left the UK. Sad this place is so quiet, but all things must come to an end.
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    I've been near constantly drunk for several months now

    Hey dude, is a good place. Best wishes.
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    So I've been gone for months, what's new?

    Hello friends.
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    Hyperbole and a Half is back after several year hiatus

    I never really understood what people suffering from depression went through until reading this, I'm glad she shared her experience and look forward to future content from her.
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    this is probably a good enough reason why the US/UK shouldnt arm Syrian rebels

    These so called 'rebels' really are disgusting. Thankfully Syrian government forces are driving the rats out with victories all over the country. However it does make you marvel at the hypocrisy of the imperialists, for years they tell you how evil these Islamic fundamentalists are, and then...
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    Hey All, Good to be Back!

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while but I was listening to 'Explosions in the Sky' and it reminded me of a thread when Vegeta discussed it so thought I'd come back and say hi. First of all, wow this isn't any more. I suppose it makes sense, seems even Valve are...
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    Moammar Gadhafi gets the Bonnie and Clyde treatment.

    You're coming across as such a prick in this thread. On the first page you got on your pedestal and criticized the media for misspelling his name even though it has no correct English spelling. Then you start this shit. What do you want the Guardian to do, not report anything until they are...
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    Abbas Submits Palestinian Request For Statehood To The UN.

    Kadayi is calling Israel biggoted zealots whilst at the same time advocating a nuclear genocide on the Israeli and 'Palestinian' people. Just goes to show, you can be as bigoted and evil as you want to be on the left. as long as you remember to have a go at Israel. Kadayi, Israel have offered...
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    Abbas Submits Palestinian Request For Statehood To The UN.

    Israel clearly wants a long term, two state peaceful solution to this. The only problem is that Israel is literally surrounded by hostile countries and armies who would quite happily drive every single Jew in the region into the sea. Because of these, they cannot give Palestine full autonomy...
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    London and Birmingham Riots

    Then you're a fascist.