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    We lost another one, RIP Operational

    Let's not say never ;X I'll be checking every once in a while.
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    We lost another one, RIP Operational

    Hey guys, I just happened to return here today, since I suddenly started thinking about Op again, as it happens every once in a while, and by luck I got the chance to read your advice. Thank you for your words. I've been through a lot in the past few years. Switched to a different school...
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    Inspirational quotes thread

    So I was in kind of a very bad mood yesteday and as I cried myself to sleep I thought how helpful it would be if there was a thread where I could read motivational quotes. So guys please post yours here, I want to see you posting the most beautiful quotes I have ever read. I'll start with a...
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    14 minutes left here. HAPPY NEW YEAR BROS
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    sure sign me up
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    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    Yeah, I guess we can't call her evil anymore.
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    Anybody else playing the CS:GO beta?

    I'm sure I would be, if I had a key. Hint hint. :P
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    Blizzard tells gamers to lower expectations for Diablo 3

    But if it's like a sequel to The Village, then it's going to be absolutely terrible! D: I haven't seen the others he mentioned though.
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    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    This was a great episode although it would have worked even better without the case. Promo for the next episode looks excellent.
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    Happy Birthday Vegeta!

    Happy birthday dude! =]
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    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    Series low again bros. Suppose it won't get a 5th season like that.
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    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    I don't think you need to.
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    Dexter Season 6

    I think it has already been renewed for 2 more seasons.
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    DotA 2 Beta discussion thread of sorts?

    Thank you so much Quix! :D <3