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  • when skyrim 10th anniversary comes out and you have both skyrim and skyrim SE with mods and your friend buys you the 10th anniversary edition and IT GODDAMN
    valvetime was popular in 2005
    when system of a down was popular
    system of a down came back in 2020
    valvetime kinda did yet people died from coronavirus :(
    yet the discord is more active kind of
    Well in the heat of the night
    You went and blackened my eyes
    Well now I'm back
    I'm back
    I'm back
    And I'm coming your way
    Well now I'm supercharged
    Might just explode in your face
    I'm black
    I'm black
    I'm black
    And I'm primed for hate
    Knock 'em dead, kid
    pov: it's 11PM for you and you want to play a game but your roomate is sleeping (even with headphones on he still can hear me)
    when you logout for a year and go through several hundred spam emails only for you to find the right code after you try again to login
    i'm in the valvetime discord..
    Know y'haint been here in a minute, but wanted to say: ain't no age limit round these parts. Boy, I remember oh I can't do this how-d'ye-do
    You are exempt to age limit due to a massive shortage in users and who gives a ****. A lot of us lied. Most of us were kids who wanted to talk about games. Just glad to have people like you actually taking interest still.
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