500mb Fileplanet Movies


May 14, 2003
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So... everyones seen the 206mb package of G-spot movies...but now a new pack ist out, the FilePlanet 500mb pack is out!

IF YOU HAVE IT POST IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry about it. From what I have heard you're not missing much. Most of it is some boring interview. :sleep:
It's an interview that gamespot did on May 8th. It doesn't have that much in-game footage. Old news if you ask me.

Half-Life 2 Developer Interview
Valve founder and managing director Gabe Newell and senior software development engineer Jay Stelly discuss their long-awaited game Half-Life 2 in this 40-minute interview.
[MEDIA - POSTED: 05/08/03]
[QuickTime 507.2 MB; MPEG 417.8 MB - APPROX: 31m 34s ]

OK, I was wrong. It's not an interview. It's basically all the 8 videos plus some extra footage from, the E3 presentation. Also the video are not 100% identical this time. The AI does things a little differently and so on. At least we know it's not scripted!
The fileplanet video is better quality, but it's missing some footage from the gamespot movies. Gamespot video #4 is not included, but it does have some other stuff.
Dude there is no interview, its a guy talking about the engine's capabilities and showing it at the same time, no damn interview ITS AMAZING!