thats nice and all, but its got a really bad PSU. and i hate cheiftec, antec makes cases that look the same but better quality. If somone knows a good place to get a case w/o a PSU in it id be thankful.
hunter.. you sir are dumb.. chieftec and antec are 2 diffrent company's buying the products off the same manufactur.. (dont know the name) but the cases are the same quality.. (me prefers chieftec for the bigger assortiment of case designs.)
well, i didnt know that....i had a chieftec and there were numerous broken parts that were defective etc i bought an antec and i was happy.
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Want an alienware-style case but without having to buy the whole shizzam?

Click Me

omfg what a ripp off I got my silver alliminium (or how ever you write it) for like 5 quid less :cheese:
Ahhh, bonanza....everybody's favourite, wait. That's least it better be! Anyway, no intention on sounding like a fanboy for Alienware, but their new cases look so much nicer...ah well.

I found it in a store for 169$ canadian, which is 112$ US..well thats too expensive for me, lol
lol candaian money is like funny money. its a lil better than monoply money :p any who i want a bad ass case to so is thermaltake the best for finding a great case for reasonable money?
Here is where you have to go


By the way Antecs are Chieftecs, Antec just uses some different plastic covers.