ATi Readon 9700


May 14, 2003
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wuts the difference between the readon 9700 128mb and the readon 9700 pro 128mb? besides 50 bucks
so is it worth $50 or should i just buy a 9700 and overclock?
What i think is just wait what happens now in terms of video card industry, im sure by the time HL2 is released there will be radeon10000 or sumthing which will be much better than 9800, so just hold onto your money just like im doing right now : P

In terms of performance 9800 is faster than 9700 by 5% but 9800 is faster clocked..

Ya and dont overclock, cause it will kill your card ..
Overclocking is easy..just download a overclocker for the ati cards(or download omega's ati drivers which include one) and then just bump the memory and core up about 5mhz, then try it out ingame, and repeat this process until artifacts start appearing in your games, then back off about 10mhz..

My radeon 9500non-pro modded to a 9500pro is clocked at 370/310..with stock cooling

stock is 275/275

(if you can find a 9500nonpro 128 meg with the "L" shaped memory you can mod this card to a 9700. The only way to find out though is to call the places your ordering from and ask them if they carry the "red pcb L shaped memory 9500non pro)
yes the 9700pro is worth it cause it also can be modded to a 9800pro through bios patches ect..ect..
Ya overclocking is cool but too bad you didnt see my facial expression when i burned down my vodoo3..oh well :cheese:
iv read im a lot of places that u can overclock a 9700NP to a pro basically with "warp11"'s i would be able to save money and get the same kinda upgrade...however the thing tha separtes them beside clock is the inferrior ram some of them i can debate this over summer and maybe 9800 pro will come down enough for me to buy without feelin quilty about wastin money...:dozey:
im gonna buy me a ati radeon 9700 and overclock it.. thats the best thing you can do in that price-range
yeah get a 9800pro 256 in a few months when the new one comes out
im betting that the 9800 pro 256 will still be above 400 when hl2 comes out.
if we are talkin american bucks then youll for sure be able to get it somewhere online for 300.....OEM but still the best in 256 gaming
Originally posted by Shockwave
yes the 9700pro is worth it cause it also can be modded to a 9800pro through bios patches ect..ect..

So i can get an F buffer on a 9700 pro and get it at a cheaper price huh? (sarcasim)
Yeah - the software mods run programs that suck silicon out the air and magically reform it on the R300 core to turn it into an R350. Cool, huh?

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