bare minimum for hl2



at the moment i'm running:

MSI K7t Turbo KT133a based
amd athalon 1.2
radeon 7200ddr (64mb)
sound blaster live 5.1
512mb sd ram (cuz my mobo doesn't 'do' ddr :( )
hd, yadda yadda

i'd assume that this will run hl2 fine but i'm positive i won't get the 99fps i'm used to.
i'm saving for a new system though... yay!!

Asus - A7N8x-DX nForce2-ST, AGP8x, A133, S-ATA, i1394,Dual-DDR400, Audio,Dual-Lan, 6USB2
AMD - XP2800+ CPU s462/128k+256K .13 (333FSB)
512M DDR-PC3200: 400mhz x 2 (it just makes more sense than a 1 gig stick)
Radeon 9800 Pro 256M DDR-2, VGA, DVI, TV-O, AGP8x
and the best part!!:CPD-G520P 21" 0.24mm Flat-CRT 2048x1536@85Hz Refresh (i wish :(, i'll just get a cheap-o 19")

i'm so excited!! yet it will take me untill sept to afford it... damn living expenses!!

Let me know what you think on the minimum specs though

hmm marry me.. so that when we get divorced i'll take half of that... yes... its all falling in to place....