Barry White - dead :´/

NO WAY!!!!!! Ohhhhh baby. That sucks -- not that I listened to his music, but still. He's Barry White! ya gotta be sad. ;(
...Wow. I'm kinda in shock now. I hadn't even heard of that. Now I'm even more sad. What a great summer this has turned out to be so far...;(

Dead? I wondered why my mates name on MSN said 'Barry White R.I.P.'

no way hes dead. The walrus himself...gone.
* Stone's Keyboard gets wet, from the tears ;(
Some good luvin there Bazza. We'll miss you.
Originally posted by killmequickly
that really sucks. anyone know what killed him?

I think he suffered a massive series of strokes ;(
Yes, he had an on-going illness which eventually killed him, had a stroke in May, I think.
:( his voice was the voice of voices.. COOLEST VOICE that ever graced the earth!