best site?


May 19, 2003
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What is the best site to pre-order games from?
I never trust pre-oder sites. The best you can hope for is getting the game 2-3 days after the release.
once i pre-ordered from ebgames and got global operations one day before hitting was tyte. I just preordered half life 2 and the book for it for one day airfair which is like 10 dollars more lol...but im hoping i get it 1-2 days before it hits stores but dunno how that will go.
My plan is to get to CompUSA by 8:30 AM on Tuesday. If they don't have it, I will go through all the electronics stores in the area. And if I still can't find it, then I'll go home pissed and buy it through Steam :)
I usually go in-store and pre-order Gamestop, I never pre-order online 'cause you never know how long it may take to ship to your house.

You can also get the HL2 newb guide from there. It comes out 10/3, so that means if you're a sucker for spoilers then... you suck.

The mod guide, I may get and I'm sure alot of peeps will be getting this as well. It's released 10/3, which seems about right.

And what ever this is, Half-Life 2 Behind the Game Official Strategy Guide :cheese: This could be a strat guide for ...
I'm definatelly NOT going to be buying any strategy guides. Although the "Behind the Game" thing sounds interesting.