Chocolate Darwin (short influenced by Half-Life and Portal)

Be curious... This short was made by a huge valve fan. More to come!

Hello my friend! Can you help me decrypt this image? It seems to be connected to Chocolate Darwin. There are more. But I'll leave you with this one for now.
Can't see how HL or Portal influenced this... wtf is this shit anyways?
The influence is beneath the skin. You'll have to see the whole thing... Just find out for yourself.
Whats going on with this series? It's been about a month, and nothing has really been clarified or revealed.
There are most likely some hidden messages and codes there that we don't see. Sooner or later someone will crack this for us :p

This is the last time I just hint. Next time there'll be answers!


Remember me? Here it is. After touring in festivals for a year and a half.
Chocolate Darwin is finally ready for the internet.
This is the Trailer.

I'll give you the whole short for Christmas.

*Don't forge the subtitles guys. It's all in german.
There are official subs in: English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
I have no ****ing idea what is going on here but I love it